Boosting Character through Technology Services

ITS employee Ben John was awarded the Spring 2018 Core Value Mark of Distinction for investing in the Bethel community and solving their technical difficulties.

By Katie Johnson '19

July 02, 2018 | 3:30 p.m.

Boosting Character through Technology Services

Application Integrations Specialist Ben John

“I love problem-solving,” says Application Integrations Specialist Ben John. “Technology-related issues can be confusing and complicated at times. I see it as a big puzzle and nothing energizes me more than finding a solution to a hard problem.”

Although problem-solving technological problems can come across as a superpower, John’s favorite part of his job and working at Bethel in particular is the community. It’s this connection with people—whether they be the individuals who come to him for help or his coworkers and superiors with whom he collaborates daily—that has been recognized with the Spring 2018 Core Value Mark of Distinction as character-builder in the Bethel community. This award is given to Bethel employees who embody Bethel’s core values, impact their department’s goals, fruitfully serve the Bethel community, and further Bethel’s mission and vision.

John recently transitioned from working at the Bethel Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk—where he helped over 400 people throughout the last year, according to ITS Associate Director Andrew Luchsinger—to application integrations specialist, where he integrates and maintains new applications within Bethel’s technological environment. “Ben has actively demonstrated to customers, coworkers, and student workers how to be a sound, supportive, and joy-filled individual,” says Luchsinger. “I think he has greatly boosted others’ character in doing so.”

John responds by acknowledging the reciprocal relationship he has with members of the community. “I have amazing coworkers and superiors who help me grow both professionally and spiritually.” John adds, “I am also blessed to work at a place where I can freely express my faith.”

John’s most recent major undertaking has been his involvement with Unified Support, which is a project intended to combine three departments—ITSTeaching and Learning Technology (TLT), and the library—to provide well-rounded technological support. John further explains, “The goal is to effectively and efficiently provide the Bethel community with easy-to-access, knowledgeable, personable and empathetic technical support and assistance with academic needs through a multi-team collaboration.”

This multi-team collaboration consists of a multitude of staff members and student workers across the departments, and Luchsinger acknowledges John for the relative interpersonal cooperation. “The only way it has been successful is the result of Ben's great character-building and interpersonal skills,” Luchsinger says. “He ensures each person is heard and that their ideas are constructively enabled in the plan and conversation.”

When describing his commitment to his job, John says, “I strive to be responsible and disciplined in the workplace. I believe it’s important to be a reliable team player, and I don’t want to let my coworkers down.”

According to Luchsinger, the support John offers his coworkers and the university as a whole is priceless. “Ben is committed to supporting the institution so that it may be an excellent university and live up to the vision of being the Christ-centered university of choice for this century.”

John was one of four employees awarded the Core Value Mark of Distinction in May at an Executive Leadership Team meeting. Each recipient received a $250 check and a custom-made Bethel fleece jacket for their representations of a Bethel core value.