Lindsay May '06, GS’13 Receives 4 Under 40 Award

As founder of The Truly Co, Lindsay May ’06, GS’13 is passionate about creativity, biblical truths, and empowering women to lead.

By Jenny Hudalla ’15, GS’21, lead communications specialist

August 15, 2022 | 11:30 a.m.

Lindsay May

Lindsay May lives in Lakeville, Minnesota, with her husband, Dustin, and children, Brynlee (8) and Sam (5).

Lindsay May ’06, GS’13 has always felt called to ministry—but not in the traditional sense. She didn’t want to be a pastor, but she loved serving in her local church and empowering women to lead. “With the way I was designed, I never quite felt like I fit in a traditional ministry role,” she says. “I just knew that I loved encouraging others to explore their creativity, dream, and ask God, ‘What’s next?’”

Now, May has found her sweet spot as founder of The Truly Co, a Christian media company known for its award-winning print magazine. Led by women, The Truly Co aims to provide gospel-centered encouragement to readers and creators alike—who, like May, are often on a journey toward discerning their calling. 

“God doesn’t always give us a clear view of what the future holds,” May says. “He has nudged me forward one step at a time as my interests and passions evolved. I've just followed whatever He's placed on my heart.”

The idea for The Truly Co first began to form when May noticed other women expressing both a desire to serve and uncertainty about the best outlet for their creative talents. It was a feeling May knew well, having worked in a variety of fields—from corporate communications to wedding photography to business administration—since graduating from Bethel with a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in organizational leadership. She heard the echo of a question one of her professors had once asked: What would you do if you could do anything in the world—and what’s stopping you from pursuing it?

May knew she wanted to create content that encouraged and empowered people, and the only thing that had been standing in her way was fear. Emboldened by the leadership training she received at Bethel, May began to network with women in her church, community, and social circle to bring her vision to life. “That season instilled in me the value of integrity, service, and hard work,” she says. “I learned to partner with God, trust Him in the dreaming, and believe that anything is possible when you faithfully put one foot in front of the other.” 

Truly Magazine

Truly magazine—which was recognized in Twin Cities Collective's "Best Publication" awards in 2020 and 2021—encourages readers to reflect on relevant themes through the lens of Scripture.

Since its inception in 2019, The Truly Co has grown to include a blog, podcast, and online community—and to May, it’s a ministry for readers and creators alike. Each issue of Truly magazine focuses on a single, relevant theme—like leadership, unity, intentionality, pursuit, or home—and is designed as a timeless resource that invites people to reflect on God, self, and others. It also offers writers, designers, and editors an opportunity to use their skills, share their testimonies, and work at the intersection of their values and passions. 

“There’s such beauty when we use our gifts as an offering,” May says. “That’s what I love about The Truly Co—I get to work alongside talented women to create something better than I ever could on my own.” 

As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur, May navigates days that are both full and fulfilling. She starts every day with Scripture and prayer for her team. Then, she dives in, packing orders out of her home, answering emails, and always dreaming ahead to the next issue. With each production cycle, May leads creative meetings, plans custom imagery, reviews written submissions, and steers social media strategy. She also runs The Truly Co podcast, scheduling guest interviews and producing episodes twice per month.

Right now, she’s laying the groundwork for the spring 2023 issue, which will center on the concept of seasons. Her preparation includes hosting a content call, which invites writers and other creatives to connect with The Truly Co team, brainstorm ideas, and explore options for getting published. It’s a unique opportunity that has attracted almost 1,000 women over the course of two years, and each gathering is deeply meaningful to May. 

“I want every woman I meet to know that she is a leader,” May says. “No matter what your role is, you have influence over somebody, and you are called to use it to lift others up. Be empowered and walk in the authority God has given you.”

The Truly Co team

May and The Truly Co team are passionate about inspiring and empowering women to lead well.

In response to another prompting from God, May says she’ll soon start a seminary program—not in pursuit of a formal ministry position, but in pursuit of knowledge that will expand The Truly Co’s spiritual reach and impact. As she continues to envision the future of her ministry, she knows that adaptability, flexibility, and an awareness of what current times call for will lead The Truly Co forward. 

“I feel like I had to live out this dream before I could help others do the same,” May says. “Our testimonies are powerful, and I hope The Truly Co inspires others to be confident and courageous as they lean into whatever God is calling them to do.”

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