Bethel Launches Anticipated Actuarial Science and Finance Major

The program, which brings together courses from business and math, is slated to elevate Bethel’s visibility among employers, providing greater student recruiting potential to Bethel and greater employee hiring pools to businesses.

By Marcus Dip Silas S’25, student writer

December 16, 2022 | 11:30 a.m.


Bethel recently launched an actuarial science and finance major, a new program within the College of Arts & Sciences. The new major is the result of a partnership between the Department of Business and the Department of Math and Computer Science, has already generated a buzz among local firms that have started contacting the department about internship and job placement opportunities.

Drew Whitson, associate professor of business, says, “We are excited about the opportunity to have an actuarial science and finance degree because it was able to be created using classes that were already being taught within the math and business departments.” Whitson is confident that by offering this degree, Bethel will be able to attract highly capable and top-caliber students and provide them with an excellent education in the field. He also says that Bethel is positioned to be a bridge builder, connecting students with premium internship and job placement opportunities after graduation.  

The new major was made possible through the 2022 Strategic Growth Awards, through which the Bethel Foundation provided the funds to help promote the program. The foundation’s funds will be used to offer scholarships to prospective students who intend to study actuarial science and finance, helping them attain a quality education in a field that rates highly in numerous job satisfaction categories. Over the next two years, six $8,000 scholarships will be awarded to incoming students pursuing a degree in actuarial science and finance.

Study actuarial science and finance at Bethel.

In addition to being eligible for a $4,000 renewable scholarship, students who enroll at Bethel to study actuarial science and finance will be equipped to help businesses manage risk and make informed decisions. You'll develop your expertise in finance, economics, statistics, probability, and computer coding—and you'll also practice teamwork, communication, and ethical decision-making. Together, these skillsets will prepare you to become a successful actuary.

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