Trail Markers

Fall 2011

Trail Markers | Current Issue

A religion of the heart and remembering H. Wyman Malmsten.

Spring 2011

Trail Markers

Historic Sites of the Hispanic Bible School and a look into Swedish History.

Fall 2010

Trail Markers

Swedish Baptist Hymnody, a look into Love of Life on Campus, and more.

Spring 2010 Special Edition

Trail Markers

Beginnings and Celebrations, birthday party for Virgil Olson, and more.

Spring 2010

Trail Markers

Five decades of growth and change, writing a centenary history, and more.

Fall 2009

Trail Markers

Remembering my church, Bethel library goes digital, BGC moving again, and more.

Winter 2009

Trail Markers

Revolution and revival - the baptist story, resurrection for a church, and Bethel host national conference on Pietism.


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