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This urban living experience is a guided exploration of what it means to be an urban neighbor. You will join other Bethel students who are living in St. Paul as you explore the neighborhood and the nature of city life.  You will get the chance to meet key leaders and innovative change-makers in the Twin Cities.

Students who are a part of the Frogtown Urban Living Experience will take Intentional Urban Living SOW305/306Z.

Course description

Intensive urban learning opportunity involving exploration and analysis of urban community, urban neighborhood social and political structures, and theological issues that arise in an urban context. Involves living in Frogtown and substantial interaction in the neighborhood. Prerequisites: consent of instructor

Learning objectives for the course:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of urban social structures.

  2. Explore and analyze the dynamics of urban community.

  3. Discover the effects of social class and race on privilege and opportunity in urban life.

  4. Seek a faith-based understanding of urban life.


  • Free Metro Transit pass 
  • Employment with the FSU Office if you qualify for work study  
  • Support in finding internships in a variety of fields

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