Voice & Tone for Blogs

Blogs should be one of the most conversational areas of Bethel’s website. They’re the one place where we can break away a bit from the typical Bethel style to reflect the unique personalities and voices of the authors.


We try our best to make Bethel’s voice consistent throughout the website.

Blogs, however, must also convey the individual personality of the author. Feel free to make adjustments that reflect your own unique voice as a member of the Bethel community.


When users visit blogs, their expectations are different than when they visit webpages or receive emails. Our tone should accommodate the feelings of our blog readers.

So what tone should we convey when writing blogs? Let’s start by thinking about our users.

Blogging is one big conversation...

Users come to a blog to hear from a person about a topic that interests them. They expect to come away informed, delighted, or entertained.

Often, they also want to read comments, post their own, and be part of the conversation.


"I wonder if Web Services has anything new about emails. Any advice would be fantastic! They can be such a drain to write."

What I'm feeling:

  • Interest
  • Trust
  • Curiosity
  • Engagement


"Looking at the content of your email is just the tip of the iceberg. But, it’s a great place to start. Once you have a better handle on what you’re saying, it’s a lot easier to be strategic about missing or conflicting messages."


  • Blogs should be the most conversational place on Bethel’s website.
  • Have a personality and an opinion. But also make space for the diverse viewpoints of your readers. You want to compel your readers to join the conversation in a positive way.
  • Think about how your information is useful to your readers. Make the focus on them.
  • Show that you’re an expert on the subject, but not above your readers. Be transparent about what you don’t know. Compliment your readers when they bring new insights to the conversation.