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How to Pray for Your Students

Kaitlin Thorp '13, a leader in Bethel's prayer ministry, shares how you can support and pray for your students during their time at Bethel.

The Student Experience

As students we don't always communicate well with our parents-much less know how to ask for your prayers. So here's some insight into the student experience so you can know how to pray for us:

  • Freshman year is a world of fun, meeting new people and trying new things. But it is also a very lonely time in college. You get to know many people, but struggle to make deep connections.
  • The switch to sophomore year is often a difficult transition. You leave behind your close-knit freshman dorm and move into a suite with 6 people. It can be tough to manage relationships with so many roommates.
  • During junior year, you start to realize that you're growing up. The classes become hard. You may wonder if you made the right choice of major.
  • Senior year is fraught with the confusion of trying to decide what comes next. You're faced with questions about where you'll work, where you'll live, and what will happen in your relationships, romantic and otherwise.


Every year we have to make decisions about who we want to become. College is a time of self-discovery, and we can't let someone make those decisions for us. We try new things, and make mistakes, but we need to make those mistakes in order to grow into the person that we will eventually be.

Pray for learning, growth, and wisdom in the decisions that we make. Pray that we have a good support network at Bethel to ask questions and consider our options.

Tell Us You're Praying

The thing that will always pull us through is the knowledge that we have people who love us, are praying for us, and will never leave us no matter what happens.

So let your student know that you are praying for them, even if they don't want your prayer. Give your student space to talk to you if they desire. Ask open-ended questions that encourage answers.

Continue praying always, it's the best thing you can do.