National Prayer Initiative

Prayer Teams and Locations

Brief Glimpses of the Prayer Teams

Who are these faithful prayer warriors who care so deeply about the vision, mission, and values of Bethel? Schultz reports that at this point, 38 individuals have volunteered to serve as team leaders, but several are waiting until the first of the year to begin recruiting team members. Take a look at some of the teams already in place:

Team 1

Team #1 is composed of former missionaries and pastors who graduated from
Bethel. All have children who are Bethel alumni; many have grandchildren who are current students. They also have a strong connection with Bethel Seminary. In December, this group will hold their prayer time at the seminary and meet with Wilbur Stone, associate professor of global evangelism and contextual ministry at Bethel Seminary.

Team 2

Five couples who attend five different churches comprise Team #2. All members
either have offspring who currently attend Bethel, have “adopted” students via scholarships, or have children who are alums. During their last prayer sessions, members of this group spent 45 minutes in prayer for Bethel.

Members of Prayer Team #2 are pictured on the right during their December meeting. They meet at the home of team leaders Rick and Diane Berggren. The men pictured from left to right are: Paul Nordell, Bill Breit, Mark Fredrickson, and Carl Schmuland. The women pictured from left to right are: Mary Nordell, Jan Breit, Diane Berggren, Carla Fredrickson, and Mary Beth Schmuland. Not pictured is Rick Berggren who was the photographer!

Although they are Florida snowbirds, the six couples who make up Team #3 have been a part of Bethel’s history. They meet on a regular monthly basis during a six- or nine- month period. Leader always call to get the latest requests a day or two before they meet.

Young Bethel alumni meet to pray in Savage, Minn. Although members of Team #4 are young parents raising children, they find time to stay active in their church and spend an evening praying for Bethel.

A National Prayer Initiative team exists in balmy California. Team #5. Team members, who live in the San Diego area, make praying for Bethel Seminary San Diego a priority.

Team #7 meets in Sioux Falls, S.D. Members give special attention to Bethel students from Sioux Falls and surrounding areas.

Parents of present or former Bethel University students are part of Team #8. They meet in Fairmont, Minn.

United in Prayer

More snowbirds: Four groups in Florida gather together while residing in that state, but also pray for Bethel during the summer months when they are back in the north.

In several instances, a group’s team leader is a person who was already involved with a small prayer group in her or his church. Now, he or she incorporates the National Prayer Initiative Prayer Points into the prayer time.

A leader in a Columbus, Ohio group has had difficulty in expanding his group. He and his wife have made a commitment to pray for Bethel—along with praying for additional prayer team members. (“God is not concerned about the bigness of a group,” Schultz reminds. “A team of two can be powerful.)

One team leader had a difficult time getting his friends to commit to being on a prayer team. His solution? Asking his Sunday School classmates to pray for Bethel once a month, an excellent way to involve others to prayer for Bethel University and its students.