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Bethel University Campus Map

#1 Community Life Center (CLC), Benson Great Hall

  • That the Holy Spirit would give wisdom and guidance to President Barnes and his leadership team and equip them to carry out God's purposes at Bethel.
  • For clarity and guidance for the raising of annual and capital funds.
  • For the ministry opportunities Benson Great Hall provides to groups outside the Bethel community.
  • That students, faculty, and staff encounter the living word of God through Chapel services and Vespers.
  • for the campus ministry team as they provide rich opportunities for spiritual maturing.

#4 Brushaber Commons

  • That this will be an area for faith and life-shaping relationships between students and all members of the Bethel community.
  • That the student development and student services will be offered with energy and wisdom.
  • That this multi-faceted facility will enhance Bethel's ministry and mission.

#3 & 5-7 Academic, Hagstrom, Clauson, and Robertson Centers (classrooms, labs, and faculty offices)

  • For faculty throughout the university as they prepare their hearts and minds for the significant role they play in students' development in every dimension of life.
  • For growing excellence in our programs and in the classroom.
  • That there would be acceptance of all students, a spirit of support and encouragement, and genuine Christian community.

Administration and Staff

  • That all would have servant hearts and Godly wisdom as they meet the needs of the students and provide guidance.
  • For expanded contacts with alumni, parents, churches, corporations, foundations, businesses, and individual investors.
  • For the opportunity to build strong relationships with students.
  • That all would be salt and light as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ and Bethel.

#10 Heritage Hall (senior residence)

  • For healthy peer modeling to underclass students.
  • That God would prepare senior students for leadership and service in their churches and communities.
  • That God would provide direction and give peace as students prepare to transition from Bethel.

#16 Royal Stadium / #15 Hargis Park / #8 Ona Orth Athletic Complex

  • That we would continue to encourage physical, as well as spiritual and academic development.
  • For a vibrant witness on and off the field.
  • For safe travel and avoidance of injury.
  • That coaches would provide a godly influence as they mentor and disciple their student athletes.

#11-13 Freshman Hill (Edgren, Bodien, and Getsch residences)

  • For a year of academic, spiritual, and social growth.
  • For a smooth transition to life at Bethel.
  • That students would have a thirst for knowledge and be challenged.
  • For wisdom and encouragement for parents and families during this time of transition.

#20 & 23 Townhouses, #21 Nelson Residence Hall, and the Fountain Terrace Apartment (underclass students)

  • For students' relationships with their roommates.
  • For protection, safety, and fellowship.
  • For the residence directors and assistants as they lead, mentor, and challenge students.

#24 Lissner Hall (sophomore residence)

  • That God's spirit would move to open hearts to the needs of His world.
  • For life-changing experiences that result in a deeper relationship with Christ and each other.

#27-32 & 34-38 Seminaries (St. Paul & San Diego)

  • That God would raise up a new generation of leaders for His church.
  • That the seminary would continue to draw a broad group of students from many ethnic backgrounds.
  • That spiritual formation would continue to be an important result of the seminary experience for traditional, InMinistry, and SemPM students.
  • For planning of new initiatives in fund development and programs to better serve tomorrow's church.

#41-42 College of Adult & Professional Studies and the Graduate School

  • For program directors and faculty as they assist adults in completing degrees while meeting employment, family, and community responsibilities.
  • That would God transform lives and use adult learners to support and minister to each other.

Thank you for praying for Bethel University.

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Heritage Hall

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