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Printing at Bethel

Welcome to Printing at Bethel University. Starting now, printing will be as easy as swiping your ID card. Here you can access resources to learn more about printing, scanning, and copying. Below you will find links to user guides as well as printer locations and how to register your Bethel ID card.  

Quick Start User Guides

For additional support, contact the Print Care Specialist at print@bethel.edu or x8613. 

Printer Locations

For a map of public printers and multi-functional devices (including Black & White and Color) see our confluence page

"Follow Me Printer" Driver

The "Follow Me Printer" driver allows you to print and pick up your job at any printer or multi-functional device on campus. Bethel-owned computers already have the "Follow Me Printer" driver installed. For students, faculty, and staff using personal computers, follow these instructions to download and install the driver. 

Bethel ID Cards 

Learn more about your Bethel ID card and learn the most convenient way for you to obtain one. Once you have received your vaild Bethel ID card, you'll be ready to follow the instructions to download the "follow me" driver. 

Department Cost Center

Department Cost Centers are being used only for reporting purposes, not for chargebacks. To start, if you do not see your correct department cost center, please use your personal cost center for the time being. If you are not seeing the correct department cost center, please email print@bethel.edu

Mobile Printing

Email your print jobs to mobile-print@bethel.edu. If you send from your Bethel email address your job will automatically be available to print once you log in to a campus printer or device. If you send from a non-Bethel email address you will receive a follow-up email with a "job code" to enter into a printer to release your print job. 


Questions can be directed to our onsite Print Care Specialist at print@bethel.edu or at x8613. 

Also, contact the Print Care Specialist to request a pick-up of older toner, print accessories, cords, or other Bethel-owned IT equipment no longer in use. All printers have a placard attached that will provide information for contacting the PrintCare Specialist for support.

For detailed information on our support model see our confluence page.