Volume 56 / Number 2

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In Focus

In Focus
Engaging culture with humility, conviction, and civility.

Campus News

Campus News
News and updates from around campus.

Everyday Students

Everyday Students
A.J. Parnell and Nicole Smith live out leadership in quiet ways.


Ann Tschetter
Energetic trustee, evangelist, alumna, and parent of Bethel students.


Ministering after Katrina
Bethel people share their experiences serving displaced victims.


God's Gift of Sexuality
Provost Barnes on the benefits of a sometimes complex gift.


A Christian Response

Five faculty members discuss a relevant issue and share biblical responses.

Purity Ministry

Alumni Build Purity Ministry
Lust Free Living is a national movement helping people fight sexual sin on a spiritual level.


Communicating Globally
Bethel prepares adults for better understanding in an interconnected world.


Fun Through the Ages
Pranks and hang-outs at Bethel compared by three generations of the Leafblad family.

Royal Rowswer

Royal Rouser
News of Bethel Univeristy Athletics.

Faculty Asides


Connections in the News
Bethel People Noted in the Media