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Conference Rates

For groups with overnight guests or multi-space events with over 100 guests:

2-4 nights lodging

5 or more nights lodging

100-500 guests


$6.30/person/per day

501 or more guests



Event Rates*

For single space, single day, or small events:

Saint Paul Campus
3900 Bethel Drive

Anderson Center
2 Pine Tree Drive

Benson Great Hall


Premium Meeting Space

Meeting Room w/default setup

Meeting Room w/setup


Meeting Room w/default  setup

Meeting room w/setup

Base rate per day


















All classrooms are equipped with a screen/projector and whiteboard or chalkboard.

Conference rooms have projectors and laptop connections.

Full technical support available for Benson, UDG, and Community room. Pricing available on request.



Not available

*Unfortunately, Bethel University is not able to accommodate weddings or wedding related activities.


  • Basic audio visual equipment and support
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Directional signs
  • Free parking
  • Individual attention for your meeting planner by one of our experienced staff
  • Custodial

Housing Rates

2 - 4 nights

5+ nights





Suite Style





Dorm Style





Townhouse No A/C






1-2 bedrooms

3 bedrooms

1-2 bedrooms

3 bedrooms





Dorm housing rates are per person per night for a minimum of 100 guests. Apartments for rent on an individual basis, as available.


  • Wi-Fi access
  • Use of community kitchens and lounge spaces
  • Use of dorm ping pong and air hockey tables
  • Free parking. Permits required for overnight guests.

Linens are available for $16/pack and include sheet set, blanket, pillow, hand towel, bath towel, and washcloth.  

7.375% tax added. There is no tax exemption in MN for food and lodging. Nonprofit groups receive 20% discount on facility fees. 

Policies for Summer Conference Groups

General Policies

  • At least 50% of the total number of participants registered must be housed in university housing (space permitting)

  • The minimum group size is 30 full-priced, residential participants

  • The minimum group size for day camps is 30 full-priced participants

  • Groups must guarantee 75% of the total number of reserved beds

  • The minimum stay is two consecutive nights.  If a participant stays only one night, the group will be charged for a two-night stay.

  • Final bills will reflect actual numbers or minimum guarantees, whichever is greater. Guaranteed spaces will be billed at the full price of housing.

  • Cancellation of a resident camp or conference is required in writing a minimum of 90 days prior to the beginning date of the program as stated in the contract. In addition to forfeiture of advance deposit amounts, the university reserves the right to charge for direct costs incurred by the University prior to the cancellation of the conference. Cancellation after the 90-day deadline will result in charges for 50% of the estimated numbers for residential space and food service.


Adequate supervision of visiting groups is the total responsibility of the sponsor’s group leaders. Youth groups which lack adequate adult supervision account for most of the problems that occur. The university requires at least one adult supervisor (an individual 18 years of age or older) for each 20-25 youth and at least one adult supervisor per residence hall floor. Camp participants may not serve as supervisors. Supervisors are to be in residence halls at all times when participants are there and are to observe and enforce the group curfew time which should be no later than 11 p.m.  The director of each program should reside in the residence halls with participants and has ultimate responsibility for seeing that participants are in by 11 p.m. and abide by university rules.

University regulations

Each summer group and its participants must abide by the following university regulations. The university prohibits:

  • The possession or use of alcoholic beverages on or in university property

  • The unlawful possession and/or unlawful use of drugs not prescribed by a physician

  • Tampering with fire alarms, extinguishers, fire safety equipment, and residence hall doors

  • Disorderly conduct that unnecessarily infringes upon the rights, privacy, and health or safety of others or is dangerous to property

  • Firearms, weapons, ammunition, fireworks, open flames, explosives or highly flammable materials on university property

  • Propping exterior residence hall doors

  • Smoking in any buildings, including residence halls

  • Latex products, balloons, gloves, etc.

  • Disregard for parking regulations

Violations of any of the above may result in fines, cancellation of the event, and/or guest dismissal from campus property.

Assignment of Residence Hall Rooms

Groups are responsible for assigning residence hall rooms to participants, issuing room keys and building access cards, performing all registration functions, and collecting all university keys and building access cards upon conclusion of the conference. The university will send each group coordinator floor plans of the assigned housing space for the group at least 4 weeks prior to the group’s arrival.

  • A completed roster is due 5 business days prior to the start of the conference for groups of 100 or less.  Groups of 101 or more must return the completed roster 7 business days prior to the start of the conference.

  • Leaders and counselors should be so indicated on the housing roster

  • All conference participants staying in residence halls are to be housed double or triple occupancy unless prior arrangements have been made for single occupancy

  • Rooms are to be filled floor by floor and room by room so that all unused rooms are contiguous

  • Any changes to the housing roster must be reported to the conference office by 10am the day following registration

  • All rosters should be accompanied by a general conference schedule with locations and activities listed so that participants can be contacted with emergency information

Confirmation of Group Size

Two weeks prior to the group’s arrival on campus the group coordinator will communicate a final number in writing to the university Conference Office. Both guarantee numbers for housing and meals should be communicated in this notification. Charges will be based on actual meals and housing used OR minimum guarantee numbers whichever is greater.

Facilities Services Charges

Up to two tables and four chairs will be provided for registration purposes. If a group has additional needs or requires special set-ups during its stay on campus, these services must be booked in advance and cost estimates prepared through the Conference Services Office.

Athletic Facilities

Only indoor athletic shoes may be worn in the campus gymnasium and student recreation center. Unless previously arranged, all groups must furnish their own athletic equipment. The student recreation center is not air conditioned. All coordinators who use this facility must take proper steps in scheduling hydration breaks and resting breaks when using this facility.

ADA Accessible Facilities

Heritage, Lissner and Nelson Halls are the only campus residence halls available during the summer with elevators and accessible showers. Groups with participants that have special needs should notify the Conference Services office of these needs as soon as possible.

Charges for Lost or Damaged Keys/Access Cards/Excessive Custodial Needs

The charge for lost keys is $60 per key. The charge for lost or broken access cards is $20. To help avoid discrepancies related to lost keys and access cards, the group leader and a member of the Conference Services office staff must inventory the keys and access cards together prior to the group’s departure. Otherwise, the inventory noted by the Conference Office staff will determine the final key charges, without exception. Groups reporting missing keys or access cards have 24 hours to locate the missing keys/access cards to avoid being charged. When an unusual amount of custodial labor is required because of water fights, shaving cream battles, excessively littered rooms, etc., a labor surcharge will be added to the final invoice.


Brochures, advertisements, and other promotional material for activities not sponsored by Bethel University should clearly state the name of the sponsoring individual or organization. Promotional literature should be carefully written so Bethel sponsorship is not implied. Program coordinators are required to provide three copies of the promotional brochure to the university when it becomes available.


All summer groups must provide a certificate of insurance 30 days prior to the camp/conference opening certifying that the following coverages have been secured. The certificate of insurance must name Bethel University as an additional insured on the General Liability policy.

  • Comprehensive General Liability Insurance - $1,000,000 occurrence/aggregate Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage including Blanket Contractual Liability

  • Automobile Liability Insurance – (if applicable) - $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit of Bodily Injury and Property Damage including coverage for Owned, Non-owned, and Hired Vehicles

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance – (if applicable) – Statutory Limits plus Employer’s Liability - $100,000 Each Accident, $100,000 Each Employee and $500,000 Policy Limit

  • Accident/Disability Insurance – Required for any group using the facilities for the purpose of Physical Education/Sports related activities. The university does not provide accident or medical insurance for summer groups. Any medical costs resulting for injuries or sickness are the responsibilities of the participants not the university.

Filming and Photography

It is the policy of Bethel University that any commercial productions taking place on campus complete an agreement before allowed on campus.