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Bethel University residence halls provide comfortable, clean housing during the summer. Our inventory includes 90 3-bedroom suites, 260 dorm rooms, and many townhouses and apartments. All are within a five-minute walk to meeting and dining facilities. Complimentary Wifi is available. A typical dorm room or bedroom has two twin beds, dressers, desks and chairs; beds are twin extra long. Our residence halls have common lounge spaces, a common kitchen area, and complimentary laundry facilities. Meal plans and basic linen service are available.  Guest count minimum of 100 for less than 3 nights.

Suite-Style Residence Halls


Lissner Hall and Heritage Hall have suite-style accommodations. Each suite has three bedrooms, a living room, and a divided bathroom (toilet room, double shower room, double sink area). Suites have air-conditioning. A few suites meet ADA requirements.

Traditional Residence Halls

Edgren and Getsch Residence Halls are traditional dormitories. A typical room is 12ft x 18ft. Rooms are air-cooled. Each hall has 3 levels with 2 wings per level. Each wing has a large common bathroom.


Arden Village East and West are townhouse complexes with suite-style accommodations. Each townhouse has a private entrance, three bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a living room. Some units have air conditioning, and a few meet ADA requirements.


North Village offers apartment-style housing. 1, 2, or 3 bedroom units are available.  Each apartment has a living room, a dining area with table and chairs, a kitchen with a refrigerator and oven/stove (no dishes), 1 or 2 full bathrooms, and air conditioning.

Housing Check-In and Check-Out

You or your group leader will receive specific instructions about the check-in and check-out process. When you check in, you will receive a room key and a building access card (all residence halls have secure access). There is a $60 fee for an unreturned key and a $10 fee for an unreturned card.

Beds and Linens

All beds on campus are extra-long twins. If you or your group leader has elected to use Bethel linens, you will be provided with the following: a blanket, a sheet set, a pillowcase and pillow, 2 towels, and a washcloth (1 set per guest).  Complimentary laundry facilities are available in all housing options.


In all campus housing, the heating mode is not operational in the summer. Below are cooling mode instructions:

  • Edgren: Switch the fan to on and set the thermostat to desired temp.

  • Getsch: Press the fan button to on and use the thermostat knob to adjust temp.

  • Heritage: Set both thermostats to desired temp (one controls living room and one bedroom; the other controls two bedrooms). The fan function may be set independently of temp.
  • Lissner: Set the thermostat to desired temp.