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Supervised ministry and most of the vocational discernment work done by students and alumni of Bethel Seminary of the East share the same mentored ministry focus of the rest of Bethel Seminary.

Supervised Ministry

Instead of doing a one-time internship, we distribute supervised ministry among a series of seminary courses so that students can apply the theory they’re learning directly to a ministry context as they go and get tangible practice in that setting.

Most Bethel Seminary of the East students are already involved in a ministry setting when they become students—in a local church, parachurch organization, or business. But if not, we can offer advice and guidance as they search for a ministry setting that’s a good fit.

The hours and assignments for supervised ministry or field education are built into the syllabus for selected courses, calculated in terms of time expectations, and discussed in detail in the Mentoring Manual (doc) that guides students through the process.


All students have two mentors who are selected at the beginning of their seminary studies to provide guidance and support throughout the supervised ministry experience.

They’re here to help students reflect theologically on what is being learned, to practice ministry skills, and to talk about the issues and challenges of life and ministry.

Through the process, we hope students develop a mentoring approach to their own ministry, so that identifying and growing leaders is part of the vital work of their spiritual leadership.