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Seminary Financial Aid

Helping seminary students make the most out of grants, loans, and scholarships.

We’re here to help you find financial resources to fund your Bethel Seminary education. Although the primary responsibility for financing your education rests on you, aid is available for students demonstrating need.

The Steps

  1. Review Financial Aid Timeline

    Check out what you should do before applying for financial aid.

  2. Before you Apply

    Check out what you should do before applying for financial aid.

  3. Apply for Aid

    Get started on your FAFSA.

  4. After You're Offered Financial Aid

    Once you receive your financial aid offer, there are just a few more steps to complete.

Types of Aid


Scholarships are given in recognition of your academic study, ministry partnerships, vocational goals, and more.


Student loan programs let you borrow money to help pay for your education. Repayment of most educational loans begins after you graduate. Because loans must be repaid, you should plan your borrowing carefully.

Military Benefits

Veterans and students currently serving in the military, may be eligible for additional benefits from military programs.


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