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After You're Awarded

You have your financial aid award offer. Now you need to finalize the loans you'd like to receive. We've outlined a few steps here that should make the process a little easier.

Tell us about changes or additions.

If you have corrections or updates after you review your financial aid award, please use our online update form to tell us of the changes. Examples to report would include:

    • If your enrollment assumptions at the bottom of your award letter are incorrect.
    • If you are receiving outside grants, scholarships, military benefits, or other assistance not listed on your award letter, this form will direct you to Blink so that you can report the outside assistance.
    • When you plan to graduate.
  1. Estimate your school bill.

    Use the payment planner (pdf) to help determine your school bill.

    By subtracting your gift aid from your estimated school bill, you can start planning for how you'll pay the balance (cash or loans). Your charges may vary by quarter depending on the number of credits you take.

  2. Apply for loans.

    If you need to borrow funds, here's the process to complete for each type of loan:

Declining loans: Want to decline your Direct loans? Simply return the loan response form you received with your award package or decline your loans online.