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As a seminary student, we know that finances and your education plans are in constant flux. Learn more about how these changes might affect your financial aid.

Private Scholarships

By all means look for private scholarships because that's more aid you don't have to repay. The gift aid Bethel gives will only be reduced if your total gift aid exceeds your tuition charges. Your loan eligibility will only be reduced if necessary to keep your total aid package within federal limits.

Dropping Credits or Withdrawing

You must be enrolled full time to receive Bethel grants and scholarships. To maintain Direct Loan eligibility, you must be enrolled half time.

Full-time status: 6 or more credits per semester

Half-time status: at least 3 credits per semester

If you're considering dropping credits or withdrawing from seminary mid-term, contact us before making any changes to determine how this will affect your aid.