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The internship process at Bethel Seminary St. Paul is designed to help you identify God’s calling for the other end of seminary and how best to get there.

Internship Planning

The internship program is woven into the course curriculum. The director of supervised ministry links arms with our formation department to provide you with opportunities for mapping out an effective internship plan.


The internship experience involves working in a ministry position where you’ll immerse yourself in hands-on learning. As the process unfolds, you’ll connect with your on-site supervisor and ministry support team to help you assess your progress.

  • 400 supervised ministry hours for M.Div. and M.A. in Ministry in a paid position
  • Supervisor and mentoring sessions (at ministry site)

Evaluation and Reflection

Towards the end of the internship, all students take part in intentional reflection and evaluation to process what they’ve experienced. We’ll review key formative insights and help you set goals for what you’d like to pursue after graduation.