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The emphasis in health communication equips students to apply their skill sets in a wide variety of careers within the context of a health-based organization.

Why should I study health communication?

The expanding healthcare industry has ushered in a new era of nonmedical employment opportunities. Jobs ranging from healthcare education to patient support to healthcare marketing and technology applications require strong communicators with an interest in and understanding of the complexities of healthcare systems.

The organizational communication major with an emphasis in health communication combines information about the healthcare industry with essential organizational communication training. By "knowing the language" of the healthcare industry, you'll gain a competitive advantage over your peers when seeking employment and find work that is relevant to your area of interest, satisfying, and meaningful.

What can I do with this degree?

Students studying organizational communication with an emphasis in health communication are suited to a variety of careers at businesses and nonprofits within the healthcare industry. Specifically, graduates will be well-qualified for employment as: 

  • Health campaign coordinators
  • Risk and crisis communicators
  • Health event publicists/planners 
  • Health fundraisers
  • Patient outreach, education, and/or advocacy professionals
  • Media coordinators for healthcare organizations

What skills will I develop?

  • Effective communication for a health organization setting
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Web design
  • Interactive media
  • Public relations writing
  • Health campaigning and social media
  • Crisis/risk communication
  • Content creation for healthcare communication 

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have?

Gain a personalized education

Students are required to complete core organizational communication studies courses as well as a variety of courses that they will need to succeed in a health organization. Health communication courses offered include, but are not limited to Public Relations Writing and Strategies; Introduction to Health Communication; and Health Campaigns and Technology.

Work in a specialized industry

The health communication emphasis opens doors for students to work in the exciting healthcare industry in careers they might otherwise have never known about. Your perspective of the healthcare industry will become broadened, and you may find yourself working with insurance groups or health programs, at a health tech company, or in unique areas of patient education and marketing. Your possibilities become simultaneously refined and expanded. 

Benefit from hands-on learning

As an organizational communication major with a health communication emphasis, your internship will provide an opportunity for you to utilize your communication skills at an organization within the healthcare industry and gain applicable experience. As a Bethel student, you'll have the option to find an internship with the help of the Center for Healthcare Excellence, which organizes opportunities for all students to succeed in the healthcare industry and has even coordinated scholarships for students of any major interested in interning at a health tech startup.


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