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The Pietas program includes classroom work and further research with faculty, engaging in rich intellectual community with your Pietas peers, and developing leadership skills and experience. 

Academic Coursework

You will take a total of four Honors-specific courses, which will fulfill traditional general education requirements over the course of your time at Bethel. As a member of the Pietas Honors program, you will receive all of the textbooks for these four Honors courses for free. You will also choose one additional course (one at the 200-level or above) to add an "H-tag." In your H-tag course, you will contract with the course professor to further explore course material or projects. The specific timeline and sequence is flexible with the rest of your academic plan.

First Year

  • Introduction to Honors meets the Inquiry Seminar requirement.

Second and/or Third Year

  • Pietas Seminar II meets the Comparative Systems (G) requirement.
  • Pietas Seminar III meets the Science, Technology, and Society (K) requirement.
  • One H-tag course (Fall or Spring) Any 200-level or higher course, contracted with the professor to further explore course material or projects.

Last Year

  • Senior Honors Capstone (fall and/or spring) will serve as the Contemporary Christian Issues (P) requirement. Seniors work collaboratively to research, discuss, evaluate, and address an interdisciplinary issue of contemporary civic importance. Students will have the opportunity to synthesize work completed in other Honors courses and projects as well as reflect on the role of faith in the life of Christian scholarship. 

During your first year in Pietas, you must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.3, rising to 3.4 by the end of your second year. Students who complete the Bethel University Honors program will have the "Honors Program Graduate" designation added to their transcripts along with any additional general academic honors they earn. Such recognition can enhance graduate school options and employment prospects.

Pietas Colloquia Series

Pietas program students are required to regularly engage with other members of the Honors community by participating in monthly events—at least 2 per semester. These events will take a variey of formats and engage students and faculty in an informal setting. Students will also be invited to plan and lead additional events throughout the year. 

Community Stewardship

After the first year, students will engage in a significant leadership or service position within Bethel University. This could include a role as a resident assistant, campus discipleship leader, officer of a recognized campus club or organization within the Bethel Student Government umbrella, tutor for the Academic Enrichment Support Center, or many others.


If you have further questions, please contact AnneMarie Kooistra or Nathan Lindquist, co-directors of the Pietas program, at honors-program@bethel.edu. You may also contact the Office of Admissions at BUadmissions-cas@bethel.edu, or 651.638.6242 or 800.255.8706, ext. 6242.