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Math for El. Ed. 1 (MAT201M) Requirements

Prerequisite Skills Requirement

Prospective elementary educators will come to Bethel with a variety of abilities in mathematics. In our efforts to facilitate student success in the Math for Elementary Education sequence, Bethel has a process for identifying strengths and weaknesses in each student’s mathematics background. Many students will come adequately prepared for success in our courses. Some, however, may need additional support and review of foundational skills necessary to succeed in the Bethel mathematics courses, prepare for licensure examinations, and confidently progress toward a career in teaching.

Course Prerequisites

Before registering for MAT201M (Mathematics for Elementary Education 1), a student must demonstrate sufficient prerequisite skills in basic mathematics. Students who have scored 24 (or higher) on the math portion of the ACT, or 560 (or higher) on the math portion of the SAT automatically qualify to register for MAT201M. Students falling below the required ACT or SAT math scores must successfully complete Bethel's ALEKS Math for Elementary Education Prep course (see information below). Students who have not taken a math course within the last two years or those who are apprehensive about enrolling in this math course should seriously consider taking Bethel's ALEKS Math for Elementary Education prep course as a "refresher." Students with financial hardship related to pursuing any of these options should contact the Math Testing Manager.

Timing of Course Enrollment

  • Students who satisfy the prerequisite skills requirement for MAT201M should plan to enroll in the spring of their freshman year or during their sophomore year.
  • Students having fewer than 15 semester credits will not be admitted to the course unless they have a sufficient ACT/SAT score and are pursuing a middle level (grades 5-8) teaching endorsement in mathematics.

ALEKS® Math for Elementary Education Prep Course

Bethel's ALEKS Math for Elementary Education Prep course is an online, self-paced program designed to reinforce foundational skills needed for success in MAT201M. A 6-week access code for the course can be purchased for about $30. The course begins with a diagnostic test, and then creates a personalized plan for working through various topics that need attention. To enroll in this course please see the  ALEKS enrollment instructions (pdf). PSEO students are not exempt from paying the ALEKS access fee.

  • To successfully complete the ALEKS course, students must demonstrate 90% mastery in each of eight course topic categories.
  • Upon successful completion of the ALEKS course, please  email the Math Testing Manager, who will review your records.  Within one week, you will receive email notification if you have received clearance to register for Math for El. Ed. 1 (MAT201M).
  • Students who are unable to successfully complete the ALEKS course should schedule a meeting with the Education Department Chair to determine the next step in his or her degree program.

ALEKS is a registered trademark of ALEKS Corporation.