The Royal Bridge Program

In the Royal Bridge program, you have an opportunity to gain college preparation skills, earn college credits before beginning fall semester, and start building a community on campus—all things that set you up for college success.

Goals and Outcomes

The Royal Bridge program aims to equip students with the tools and skills to be successful throughout their college journeys. We know that students thrive when they experience engaged learning, campus involvement, student-faculty interaction, spirituality, and a sense of belonging. And that’s exactly what the Royal Bridge program fosters. Incoming Bethel freshmen with zero or few previous college credits are eligible to participate, with a particular emphasis on Pell-eligible students. Tuition scholarships are available based on need. This increases success rates and graduation rates for students, especially for historically underrepresented students.

What it Includes

Royal Bridge kicks off the summer before you start at Bethel and continues for your first three semesters. During the first summer, you’ll enroll in Introduction to the Bible (BIB101), a general education course typically taken during students’ first semester at Bethel. It will be taught in a hybrid format with two weeks of asynchronous learning and one week of in-person learning on campus. You’ll learn in community with other incoming students, and you‘ll learn about other students’ experiences. And you’ll find support from teacher’s assistants and tutors.

Along with coursework, you’ll be able to:

  • begin to build a sense of community on campus
  • develop successful academic practices
  • explore ways to be involved on campus
  • meet faculty
  • grow spiritually and learn of resources for continued growth

During the school year, you’ll engage in learning opportunities during your first three semesters at Bethel. Topics include:

  • campus resources
  • academic and vocational planning
  • financial aid
  • time management
  • personal finances
  • leadership

There will also be intentional attention to community building and spiritual growth, as well as mentoring opportunities with faculty, staff, and leaders beyond Bethel.

What it Costs

  • Room, food, and activities during the summer residential component of the program (evenings of July 14-July 19) are provided for all students. There is no cost to any student.
  • Summer school tuition for BIB101 Introduction to the Bible is $1,788. Students who are Pell-eligible and accepted into the program will receive a tuition scholarship, resulting in no cost for tuition.

Schedule for Summer 2024

  • On campus: Sunday, July 14 (evening)-Friday, July 19 (early afternoon)
  • Online: Monday, July 20-Friday, August 2 (asynchronous)

Apply to the program

When you apply, you will receive an automated message letting you know that your application has been received. We will begin reviewing applications on April 15, 2024. At that time applicants will be notified if they are accepted or not. After April 15, additional applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis as space in the program allows.

 Apply Here