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BSG special interest clubs and organizations provide students a place to express themselves through dance and art or dialogue about politics, social justice, or environmental issues. You don't need to be affiliated with a particular department, major, or career to join. Want to get involved? Contact

Anime Club

It is our mission to create a place that is open and welcoming to all people: a place where anyone can come and enjoy viewing and discussing anime together, cultivate friendships, and promote a better understanding of anime and Japanese culture.

Student Leaders: Daniel Sochay & Peter Schmidt 


Catholic Student Association

Catholic Student Association is a space for Catholic students to have a community on Bethel’s campus. A group of students goes to mass together every week. We want to create a space to talk and grow in our faith together as Catholics in a safe place. We are not exclusive, and we want students of all denominations to join and learn about the faith as well. This club is meant to nurture our Catholic faith, grow in community, and enjoy new friendships.

Student Leader: Ashley Thrun, Anna-Marie Manning, & Sam Nguyen

Turning Point USA

Bethel University Turning Point USA exist to promote the principles and ideals of the Republican Party at Bethel University, to aid in the success of Republican candidates in our local area and Minnesota, promote student engagement in the political process, and ensure students are educated on the issues in our nation.

Student Leader: Gelly Garay-Triviski

Creation Restoration

Creation Restoration practices the Christian calling to care for the earth. We connect students who love the outdoors in a community that encourages wise stewardship and sustainable lifestyles.

Student Leaders: Elise Ogden

Disability Awareness Group

DAG’s mission is to work together to raise awareness of a variety of topics surrounding disability. We will strive to break commonly-held stereotypes and to create a community of inclusion and acceptance for all people.

Student Leaders: Ben Hernes & Amber O'Brien


GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities of people living in poverty around the world. Through seeking a more complete understanding of global issues, students will learn how to mobilize resources and become better advocates for global health.

Student Leaders: Carly Brown & Brittany Kothari

International Justice Mission (IJM)

Our mission as the Bethel University chapter focuses on raising financial support for IJM, educating Bethel students of IJM's mission and the injustices of violence, and offering hands-on volunteer opportunities to make a realistic change within the Twin Cities.

Student Leader: Anna-Liv Fredrickson & Justus Gauss


Leading Women of Tomorrow

We are a group designed to empower and uplift women. We want to engage in thoughtful discussion about being strong women in the workforce. We discuss different stereotypes that plague women. We also look at different ways women have been socialized to fit societal norms. We strive to create a Christ-centered community that uplifts the awesome women on Bethel's campus.

Student Leader: Elsie Hanken & Tessah Anderson

Model United Nations

Model United Nations (UN) works to bring together students who share an interest in international issues. Our goal is to build community and encourage academic growth through participation in discussions and yearly participation in a simulation of the United Nations.

Student Leaders: Aidan Ruch, Lauren Wieber, & Sophie Hoffer


PokemonGo Club

Our Club loves playing PokemonGo around campus. We regularly meet to do raids, events, trades, and battles with one another. During larger events, we go off campus to places where we play with other groups, (U of M or MOA).

Student Leader: Asha Anderson

Oasis for Orphans

Oasis for Orphans is a club on campus that is part of the larger organization based in Southwest Kenya. They provide holistic development and the gospel message to the kids they work with. Our club on campus aids them in bringing awareness to students about the orphan crisis in Kenya, while also fundraising to support two sponsored kids. This allows students to make a difference for our brothers and sisters in Kenya, while also building community and friendships here on campus. Be a part of a bigger story! #Oasisfororphans

Student Leader: Felicia Smith & Emily Kahlow


Ski and Snowboard Club

We provide transportation to Trollhaugen Ski Area, during the winter months, where we ski and snowboard on most Friday nights! We provide opportunities for students to connect with other skiers and snowboarders at Bethel in a fun, flexible atmosphere. The cost of a season pass at Trollhaugen is extremely affordable at only $110, which pays for itself after going only four times! Everyone is encouraged to join, regardless of skill level or ability. (Full season equipment rentals are available for an additional $215 if you don't own your own skis or snowboard)

Student Leader: Coleton Edgington

Tennis Club

Student Leaders: Lily Plestad



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