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BSG special interest clubs and organizations provide students a place to express themselves through dance and art or dialogue about politics, social justice, and environmental issues. You don't need to be affiliated with a particular department, major, or career to join. Want to get involved? Contact the student leader. 

Anime Club

It is our mission to create a place that is open and welcoming to all comers; a place where people can come and enjoy viewing and discussing anime together, cultivate friendships, and promote a better understanding of anime and Japanese culture.

Student Leader: Alyssa Spofford
Advisor: Dr. Eric Gossett
General Website: Anime

Better Together Club

Better Together is an environment that facilitates respectful dialogue when engaging with faith differences. Through engaging in interfaith dialogue and events, we hope students dismantle harmful stereotypes and find richness in faith traditions different from their own.

Student Leader: Janna Burger
Advisor: Dr. Sara Shady

CityFront Ministries

Through evangelistic outreach and discipleship, we exist to build lasting relationships and speak the truth of Christ’s love in the Twin Cities and the Bethel community.

Student Leader: JT Thweatt
Advisor: Dr. Paul Eddy
General Website: CityFront Ministries

College Democrats

Bethel University College Democrats is a group dedicated to exploring ideas of political and social significance through discussion, events, and service projects in order to foster education on relevant issues of social justice, equality, and human rights, and to equip the student body for the work of advancing Christ’s love through our local and national political systems.

Student Leader: Daniel Gray
Advisor: Dr. Carrie Peffley

College Republicans

Bethel University College Republicans exist to promote the principles and ideals of the Republican Party at Bethel University, to aid in the success of Republican candidates in our local area and Minnesota, promote student engagement in the political process, and ensure students are educated on the issues in our nation.

Student Leader: Samuel Krueger
Dr. Andrew Bramsen
General Website: BCR

Creation Restoration

Creation Restoration is a student-led club with the mission of creating a space for connecting the Christian faith with environmental care in a community that loves the earth because it is a creation of God and cares for it because we are called to stewardship.

Student Leader: Marina Jawad
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Petersen

Disability Awareness Group

Our mission is to work together to raise awareness of a variety of topics surrounding disability, to break commonly-held stereotypes, and to create a community of inclusion and acceptance for all people.

Student Leader: Ellen Swedzinski
Advisor: Samantha Goetze
General Website: BethelDAG

Electronic Music Assembly

EMA will further create community at Bethel through appreciation, training sessions, rehearsals, performances, and recordings of electronic music; we intend to unite musicians with non-musical students.

Student Leader: Dean Sibinksi
Advisor: Dr. Herbert Johnson


GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of people living in poverty around the world.

Student Leader: Erin Koelsch
Advisor: Laura Sanchez

International Justice Mission (IJM)

Our mission as the Bethel University chapter focuses on raising financial support for IJM, educating Bethel students of IJM's mission and the injustices of violence, and offering hands-on volunteer opportunities to make a realistic change within the Twin Cities.

Student Leader: Eveline Tcacenco
Advisor: Christina Busman

Model UN

Model UN strives to foster awareness, understanding, and discussion of important international issues and events, specifically involving the United Nations.

Student Leader: Sterling Harer
Advisor: Dr. Chris Moore

Mu Kappa

Our mission is to create an environment where TCK/MK/international students feel understood and can socialize without compromising their own backgrounds.

Student Leader: Nadia Jacobson
Advisor: Carol Chang

Swing Dance

Bethel University Swing Dance Club, by offering quality musical instruction and development of lifelong skills, aims to create a unique and fun environment for students through the expression of dance.

Student Leader: Kassie Snyder
Advisor: April Schmidt
General Website: Swing Dance Club

Tennis Club

Student Advisor: Jonathan Michelson
Bethany Opsata

Want to start a new special interests club? Contact Kelsey Spies.

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