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Special Interests Clubs

BSG special interest clubs and organizations provide students a place to express themselves through dance and art or dialogue about politics, social justice, and environmental issues. You don't need to be affiliated with a particular department, major, or career to join.

Want to get involved? Contact the student leader. Want to start a new special interests club? Contact Kelsey Spies.

Anime Club

The purpose of the Bethel Anime Club is to appreciate and increase understanding of Japanese animation and culture through the critical viewing and discussion of artistically valid and Bethel-appropriate works. The goal is to experience both the personal pleasure that comes from interaction with a good piece of art and the intellectual and spiritual stimulation and growth that occurs when things are seen from a different culture's perspective. Furthermore, the Bethel Anime Club desires that more people be introduced to and become appreciative of the world of Japanese animation.

Alyssa Spofford and Devin Awe, Student Leaders
Eric Gossett, Advisor
General Website: Anime Club

Beta Climbing Club

Mitch Brunkow, Chad Prescher, Student Leaders
Jay Milbrandt, Advisor

Better Together Club

Janna Burger and Keeley McCall, Student Leaders
Emily Allen, Advisor

CityFront Ministries

CityFront is a ministry of students that on each Saturday night head downtown Minneapolis to Hennepin Avenue (Warehouse district) and Dinkytown (U of M area), places of great need in our city, in order to be a Light in Minneapolis and share the love and hope of Christ to the people that we encounter.  Our goal is to bring love, service, and consistency to our brothers and sisters, and meet spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. CityFront provides space for the Lord to use us, Bethel students, to show grace and offer love, because we have been shown endless grace and love ourselves because of the Cross.
II Corinthians 4: 5-6

Jenna Rylaarsdam, Student Leader
Paul Eddy, Advisor
General Website: CityFront Ministries

College Republicans

Bethel University College Republicans exist to promote the principles, ideals, and thoughts of the Republican Party at Bethel University, and to aid in the success of Republican candidates and ideas in our area and Minnesota. We engage in these goals through regular meetings, speakers, political activism, service projects, and social events with like-minded conservatives within the Bethel community and across the metro area and state.

Sterling Harer, Student Leader
Daniel Ritchie, Advisor
General Website: BCR

Creation Restoration

Creation Restoration is Bethel University's student led club with core values focused solely on caring for God's creation, especially how we as Bethel's faculty, students, and staff can "better" ourselves and the campus by moving in a more sustainable direction.

Bradley Dawson and Whitney Loher, Student Leaders
Kenneth Petersen
, Advisor

Disability Awareness Group

Our mission is to work together to raise awareness on a variety of topics surrounding disability, to break commonly held stereotypes, and create a community of inclusion and acceptance for all people.

Sarah Ulman, Student Leader
Natalie Beazer, Advisor
General Website: BethelDAG


GlobeMed at Bethel is a group of students that work towards global health equity through working in solidarity with non-profit partner organization: REDA, Rural Economic Development Association located in Cambodia. Our three fold model includes:

  1. Partner-raising funds for a specific project and building lasting relationship
  2. Learn-equipping ourselves with a critical understanding of global health and skills to become leaders for today and tomorrow
  3. Ignite-chapter members intern each summer with our partner.

Andi Tauer and Teresa Murray, Student Leaders
Laura Sanchez, Advisor

International Justice Mission (IJM)

International Justice Mission is a human rights agency that brings rescue to victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression. The goal of Bethel's chapter is to raise our voices on behalf of victims of injustice through prayer and advocacy, to raise awareness on our campus and community of the reality of oppression in our world, and to raise support to enable IJM to rescue more victims of oppression.

Sarah Lawrence, Student Leader
Christina Busman, Advisor

Model UN

Matt Stock, Student Leader
Chris Moore, Advisor

Mu Kappa

Mu Kappa is a multicultural group on campus designed for missionary kids and international students. We have orientation and mentoring programs as well as other fun events throughout the year.

Lydia Johnson, Student Leader
Carol Chang, Advisor

Royals Dance Team

We are a competition/performance team for Bethel University. We participate in competitions around the cities, as well as perform at school events such as homecoming, football games, and some basketball games.

Kaity LunacekHalle McDonough, and Christie Moekly, Student Leaders
Sarah Moberg, Advisor

Swim Club

Ellie Wilcox, Student Leader
Gretchen Wrobel, Advisor

Swing Dance

Emily Boole and Kelsey Sagen, Student Leaders
April Schmidt, Advisor
General Website: Swing Dance Club

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