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United Cultures of Bethel

United Cultures of Bethel (U.C.B) is a department that exists to support students in their cultural identities, enrich cultural sensitivity, appreciate cultural similarities and differences all while being concerned about the needs of the community.

Our Mission:

The mission of United Cultures of Bethel is to seek to provide an accessible community for students on campus to celebrate cultural, racial, and ethnic differences.


We Enforce our Mission by having:

  • Campus-wide Events

  • Off-campus events/field trips

  • Weekly Subgroups


Asian Student Alliance (A.S.A) - Director Amber Knudson


  • To support and affirm Pan-Asian identifying students emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and academically and to walk alongside them as they discover their personal identities.
Vision and Goals:
  • Build stronger relationships among Asian students on and across campuses.
  • Encourage Asian student, staff and faculty connections.
  • Learn about many unique Asian cultures and traditions through engaging and serving in local communities.
  • Educate the Bethel community about the diverse Asian ethnicities represented on campus.

European Americans in Solidarity (E.A.S) - Director Kate Larson


  • To deconstruct, challenge, and foster the positive development of students’ personal racial and cultural identities in regards to being White/having European ancestry and doing so in an anti-racist manner
  • To understand how our identities fit into the broader picture: discovering the challenges they create as we engage in social change and learning how to authentically operate in solidarity with those who identify as racially, ethnically, and/or culturally different than us.

Voz Latinx - Director Amy Ruiz Plaza


  • To explore our Hispanic and Latinx identities with growth and understanding. To include Bethel faculty, staff, and our community through partnership and engagement.

Vision and Goals:

  • To provide a space for students to share their voices and stories.
  • To have safe conversations with each other, while supporting one another.
  • Create an environment where we can dig deeper and learn more about our Hispanic or Latinx identities collectively.
  • Explore and engage with our communities as a subgroup through local events and service.

Black Student Union (B.S.U) - Director Elija Barlue


  • Our purpose is to embrace our identity and to appreciate the Pan-African identity coming from the African diaspora.
  • Grow and connect as we are faced with the social realities of that identification.  
Vision and Goals:
  • Awareness 
  • Transparency 
  • Community
  • Celebration
  • Growth

Mixed Life - Director Talia McWright


  • To provide an intentional space and challenging discussions that will help support our mixed students to overcome the complexities of what it means to be mixed.
Vision and Goals:
  • Providing an intentional space for mixed students to discuss and explore their identity.
  • Discuss what it is like to be mixed at Bethel and how that affects students in their spiritual, emotional, and physical growth.

First Nations - Director Joshua Lopez

  • A subgroup for Native/Indigenous folks.
  • Our hope for this year is to continue our journey of ally-ship with Native/Indigenous folks and use the resources and communities we have through UCB to do so.


Contact the Executive Director of United Cultures of Bethel directly! bsg-united-cultures@bethel.edu