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United Cultures of Bethel

United Cultures of Bethel (U.C.B) is a department that exists to support students in their cultural identities, enrich cultural sensitivity, appreciate cultural similarities and differences all while being concerned about the needs of the community.

Our Mission

  • Identity Development (Cultural, Ethnic, & Racial Development with Spiritual Development intertwined).

  • Accessible Community

  • Celebration

We Enforce our Mission by having:

  • Campus-wide Events

  • Off-campus events/field trips

  • Weekly Subgroups


Asian Student Alliance (A.S.A) - Director Kanee Yang


  • To support and affirm Pan-Asian identifying students emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and academically and to walk alongside them as they discover their personal identities.
Vision and Goals:
  • Build stronger relationships among Asian students on and across campuses.
  • Encourage Asian student, staff and faculty connections.
  • Learn about many unique Asian cultures and traditions through engaging and serving in local communities.
  • Educate the Bethel community about the diverse Asian ethnicities represented on campus.

European Americans in Solidarity (E.A.S) - Director Lizzy Carson


  • To deconstruct, challenge, and foster positive development of students’ personal racial and cultural identities in regards to being White/having European ancestry and doing so in an anti-racist manner
  • To understand how our identities fit into the broader picture: discovering the challenges they create as we engage in social change and learning how to authentically operate in solidarity with those who identify as racially, ethnically, and/or culturally different than us.

Voz Latinx - Director Beatriz Vasquez Pena


  • To explore our Hispanic and Latinx identities with growth and understanding. To include Bethel faculty, staff, and our community through partnership and engagement.

Vision and Goals:

  • To provide a space for students to share their voice and stories.
  • To have safe conversations with each other, while supporting one another.
  • Create an environment where we can dig deeper and learn more about our Hispanic or Latinx identities collectively.
  • Explore and engage with our communities as a subgroup through local events and service.

Black Student Union (B.S.U) - Director TyTeeona Howard


  • Our purpose is to embrace our identity and to appreciate the Pan-African identity coming from the African diaspora.
  • Grow and connect as we are faced with the social realities of that identification.  
Vision and Goals:
  • Awareness 
  • Transparency 
  • Community
  • Celebration
  • Growth

Mixed Life


  • To provide an intentional space and challenging discussions that will help support our mixed students to overcome the complexities of what it means to be mixed.
Vision and Goals:
  • Providing an intentional space for mixed students to discuss and explore their identity.
  • Discuss what it is like to be mixed at Bethel and how that affects students in their spiritual, emotional, and physical growth.

First Nations

  • A subgroup for Native/Indigenous folks.
  • Our hope for this year is to continue our journey of ally-ship with Native/Indigenous folks and use the resources and communities we have through UCB to do so.


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