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Number One Question about Welcome Week: When Do I Move In?

Early arrival groups move into campus housing before August 23

All other incoming students move into campus housing on August 23.

The Bethel move-in experience is lively and unique! If you will be moving into campus housing on August 22 or 23, here is what to expect: A team of extremely enthusiastic students will get everything unloaded from your vehicle and delivered to your room in a matter of minutes! A driver will need to stay with your vehicle so it can be moved to a nearby lot once the unload is complete. For your convenience, a team of friendly golf cart drivers will roam campus (especially our parking lots) throughout the day to bring you where you need to go. Please flag down a golf cart whenever you'd like to ride instead of walk! 

If you're arriving by plane, train, or bus and need a ride to Bethel, please let us know.

If you're a returning student, please review these move-in details.