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Welcome Week 2016

Whether it's your first time going to college or you're transferring to Bethel, we've got great things planned for you!

What is Welcome Week?

Welcome Week is your official start at Bethel! You'll meet new friends and experience some of the best parts of being a Bethel student. During Welcome Week you'll learn everything you need to know—where things are, how to get things done, who to ask if you have questions. You'll also make new friends and create lasting memories.


Whether you are part of an early arrival group or are arriving for our main program, find your specific Welcome Week schedule here!


Welcome Week includes activities for new students and their families with specific sessions and activities just for parents.

Who is Welcome Week?

We're a team of more than 80 students who are excited to do everything we can to help you transition to Bethel and show you the love of Jesus Christ. We're a diverse group—biology majors to business majors, sophomores to super seniors. What brings us together is our love for Bethel and our excitement to have you join us.


Still not quite sure what to bring? Wondering which schedule to follow? Contact us! We're here to help!