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Are you ready? We've got a lot of great things planned for you! Below is an overview of the Welcome Week 2018 schedule. Save the dates now, and then check back in the spring to see the full schedule with all the details, including specific move-in times for students living on campus.

Parents and families: We'll have a special schedule of events on August 23 and 24 just for you.

Fall athletes: You'll receive schedule details, including your arrival date, from your coach this summer.

Wednesday, August 22

This is the arrival day for incoming student employees, transfer students, and BUILD students. (These groups arrive early. All incoming students join together for our main Welcome Week program, which begins Thursday, August 23.)

Highlights include:

  • Student employee welcome program and training
  • Transfer student welcome program
  • BUILD welcome program
  • Parent/family sessions in the afternoon 
  • Free time for students and their families to connect

Thursday, August 23

This is the main arrival day for incoming students, including PSEO students.

Highlights include:

  • Parent/family sessions in the afternoon
  • Lakeside picnic for all new students and families (complimentary)
  • Kickoff Celebration--your official welcome to Bethel!
  • President's dessert reception for parents/families (complimentary)
  • Residence hall and commuter meetings

Friday, August 24

Highlights include:

  • Parent/family Q&A session
  • Student core group meeting
  • Commissioning service for all new students and families (parent/family track concludes here)
  • Academic connections and advisor meetings for students
  • Free time for students and their families to connect

Saturday, August 25

Highlights include:

  • Day of Service--an opportunity for students to serve at local organizations
  • Dinner with floormates or fellow commuters
  • The Show--a longstanding Welcome Week favorite for students

Sunday, August 26

Highlights include:

  • Shuttles to local churches
  • Options: Walk your class schedule, play lawn games, take a shuttle to Target
  • Student core group dinner
  • Koinonia--a worship service for the entire Bethel community

Monday, August 27

Classes begin! Don't miss the opening chapel!