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Are you ready? We've got a lot of great things planned for you. Whether you're new to Bethel as a PSEO student, a transfer student, a commuter student, a student in campus housing, or a first-year student in BUILD, find your schedule details here!

Main Student Schedule

All incoming students—including new PSEO students, transfers, commuters, students in housing, first-year students in BUILD, first-year students in The 25, and fall athletes—will follow the main Welcome Week schedule, which begins Thursday, August 26. In addition, the student groups listed below arrive on campus at earlier dates.

Early-Arrival Schedules

If you're part of a group that arrives early, follow your early-arrival schedule below, then follow the main Welcome Week schedule. You'll receive additional details from your coach, supervisor, or program leader. 

  • Student employees: For new students who have a campus job
  • Transfers: For students transferring to Bethel from another college or university
  • BUILD: For students with intellectual disabilities
  • The 25: For students in The 25 program
  • Fall athletes: For students participating in cross country, football, golf, soccer, or volleyball

Parent and Family Schedule

We've prepared welcome info and a special schedule just for parents, guardians, families, and other support people. You'll find on-campus programming during Welcome Week as well as online opportunities to learn and engage before Welcome Week begins.