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Are you ready? We've got a lot of great things planned for you!

  1. Arrive at your scheduled time.

    Enter through the west entrance at your scheduled arrival time (our east entrance will not be open). Welcome Week staff will be there to answer questions, give directions, and verify that your enrollment checklist is complete. Alumni and Family Relations staff will welcome parents with a care package.

    If you are arriving in two vehicles, please enter campus together. Commuter students: Park in the East Lot (follow the campus road to the second three-way stop, then turn left). Students in housing: Staff will direct you to parking.

  2. If you're in housing, move in your belongings.

    Unload your vehicle. Student leaders will gladly help if you'd like. (Someone should stay with your vehicle.) Move your unloaded vehicle to a nearby lot, and then return to your hall to meet your RA.

  3. Visit Info Central.

    Commuters: Follow signs to Info Central in Atrium Brushaber Commons, Level 2 (BC). Students in housing: Once you've parked your unloaded vehicle, visit Info Central.

    At Info Central, staff will be available to answer questions, give directions, and provide help! You'll also take care of these things:

    ID Card: We'll take your photo and create your ID card. Keep your card with you at all times! 

    We'll help you set up access to the network, WiFi, printers, Moodle, and more. Bring your phone, laptop, and other devices you need connected.

    I-9 Form: We'll help new student employees complete their I-9 form. Bring your I-9 documentation.

  4. Pick up your book order.

    If you ordered books to arrive at home, you already have them and can skip this step! If you ordered books but didn't request home delivery, follow the signs from Info Central to the Underground (Brushaber Commons Level 2).

  5. Let Welcome Week begin!

    Don't miss the 5 p.m. kick-off celebration on Thursday, August 24. 

    If you're a commuter, you can park in the West Lot.

    We look forward to having all new students on campus for their 8 p.m. meeting. Follow the student schedule for the rest of Welcome Week!