Web Services


Bethel University has contracted the nationally known firm mStoner to redesign and relaunch Bethel’s online presence.

“As we analyze needs around the institution, it’s clear that a web redesign is vitally important to improving our recruitment efforts, academic endeavors, and communication with alumni, students, donors, parents, and other constituencies,” said Bethel President Jay Barnes. “We have to make sure we are employing the best strategies to move Bethel forward in this challenging economy, and we believe that a new approach to our website is key to that momentum.”

Bethel chose mStoner to lead its redesign efforts because of the company’s proven experience in Internet strategy and web development for higher education institutions across the country including MIT, Kellogg School of Business Management, Concordia College-Moorhead, Columbia University, Princeton University, Mount Holyoke College, University of Michigan, and many others.

“The web plays a central role in all we do as a university, from increasing the effectiveness of our classroom experience to recruiting future students to improving our communication of information internally. We’re excited that this redesign will move us forward to ensure we are current and competitive,” said Senior Vice President for Communications and Marketing Sherie Lindvall.

The redesign process, which will be facilitated and organized through Web Services (a team comprised of communications and marketing and ITS staff), will begin April 14-16 when representatives from mStoner come meet with groups of students, faculty, staff, alumni, administration, and others from all of Bethel’s campuses. The complete redesign process will take approximately one year including strategy development, creative production and technical analysis, buildout of the new site, and training and next steps for maintaining and updating the site long-term.

“mStoner has a proven process for listening to stakeholders in the redesign process and working toward an end product that meets the many needs of universities today. We’re confident the work they will do will result in a final product that advances the entire university,” says Bill Doyle, Vice President for Information Technology Services.