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Stakeholder Recap

Onsite Stakeholder Interview Recap

mStoner team members

Doug Gapinski, Patrick DiMichele, and Michael Stoner

Michael Stoner, Patrick DiMichele, and Doug Gapinksi conducted 23 meetings with over 130 stakeholders as part of the website redesign kick-off April 14, 15, and 16.

Representatives from across the University including students, faculty, and administration shared their perspectives on what makes Bethel distinctive, described what works and doesn't work on our existing website, and provided wishlists related to improving our public-facing online presence.  In addition, Michael Stoner was invited to participate in and present to a number of CAS business classes, taught by associate professor MaryAnn Harris.

Public Q&A Session April 16

Patrick DiMichele offered a 2 hour Q&A session regarding the redesign process.  This event was open to the Bethel Community.

Phase 1: Strategy Development

The website redesign process involves multiple phases.  We're currently in Phase 1: Strategy Development. Based upon initial stakeholder interviews and intake gathered during the public Q&A session, mStoner will begin to develop a strategy document.  This document will serve as an overview and an outline for the remainder our our project.