Web Services

Phase 2: Design and Production

With a strategy document in hand:

mStoner has generated a strategy document that outlines and defines constituency expectations, preliminary information architecture, and a project plan.

Once design concepts have been reviewed by the Web Redesign steering committee and project team, the Bethel community will have an opportunity to review the concepts, as well, and to provide feedback via an online survey.

After the design concepts and Bethel community feedback have been reviewed, a final design will be selected and approved. mStoner consultants will work closely with Bethel's web services team to translate designs into actual web page templates.

Key tasks:

• Develop and refine design concepts
• Concept designs posted online
• Survey Bethel community
• Develop detailed site maps and outlines

Additional Deliverables:

• Workshops on writing for the web
• Usability testing report
• Marketing testing report
• Notated electronic files of approved designs
• Documentation on design elements
• Feature and function specification list
• Software requirements and specifications

Redesign Site and Blog:

We realize that a project of this size and scope requires input from many participants. We invite you to join us as we move forward. We've created this site to serve as more than just a repository. Go ahead, browse the documents and resources. Leave a comment on our Blog. Or, contact web services and ask about Waffle Wednesdays (I digress).  It's going to take a village to redesign our website.  It's our intent to include you in the process. Get on board.