Web Services

Phase 3: Implementation and Launch

Technical Documentation:

mStoner will document detailed technical specifications and test plans.  Together, mStoner consultants and the technical team from web services will ensure that the new design templates fit into Silva, our content management system.  A shell of our future site will be created allowing testing and content migration to take place.


Before migration begins, and again as migration is underway, we’ll conduct two rounds of testing.

Alpha Testing (before migration): The first round of testing involves executing a portion of the test plan per the testing schedule, typically with resources internal to mStoner. The testing frequently occurs in the development environment with sample data. Developers will test their own code, and peer testing will also occur within the development team. The Project Manager and additional QA resources will also perform testing.

Beta Testing (during migration): The second round of testing includes testing with both mStoner resources and the web services team. The developers are no longer testing in this phase--they’re dedicated to debugging! Instead the web services team, the mStoner project manager, and additional QA resources will perform the tests. This phase typically occurs in the environment where content migration is occurring, separate from the software development environment. The testing will leverage the real content being added to the system to the extent possible.

Content Migration:

Web Services will coordinate the content migration process.  Out with the old, in with the new, as it were.  We will contact university content contributors and introduce them to the upgraded content management system, offer training, and support as required.

Site Launch:

Once content has been added to the new site and content contributors have received an introduction to maintaining office/departmental information online, the new site will be launched.  mStoner consultants will transfer site maintenance and content coordination responsibilities over to the web services team. There will be much fanfare, confeti will fall from the sky, we'll all celebrate the dawn of a brand new era in webdom.