Web Services

Phase 4: A Process, not a Project

A new perspective on redesign:

mStoner is recognized for creating smart, sustainable, web solutions.  We understand the value in viewing our website redesign as a process, not a project.  Web services will partner with mStoner to coordinate the various phases of the website redesign.

During the redesign process, web services will continue to consult with various offices and departments in order to assist with their website needs.  It may be determined that some solutions need to be implemented in the course of the redesign.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions, or wish to discuss your web related needs.  We will continue to offer training, as well, in a variety of applications. 

Following the launch of the redesigned site, web services will continue to coordinate ongoing maintenance, provide training, offer technical web development, and partner with both academic and non-academic areas to ensure that our online presence remains current, compelling, and engaging.

We invite you to view redesign as an ongoing process!