Web Services

Whether you're looking to build new webpages, add new goodies to your existing site, or improve web communication with groups on campus or outside the Bethel community, we're here to help you make the most of the web tools our university has to offer.

We're also here to evaluate new resources to boost Bethel's web capabilities, ensuring that our toolbox is full of the right stuff to help you communicate online with your audiences.

See what's in our toolbox


Blink is Bethel's online portal—the information you need, when you need it.



Everyone hates broken links. Checkbot helps you monitor your site for broken links.


Project management made easy. Automatically track the tasks and projects in your office.

Google Analytics

Find out who and how many people are hitting your site. 

Group Studio

Stay easily connected with any group, file sharing, emails, chat, and more.


Broadcast your lecture or event to Bethel or even the world.


Bethel's system for managing and publishing webpages. No Computer Science Degree required!


Online credit card payments for events, merchandise, and more.