Recent Edgren Scholars

The focus of faculty and student collaborations is widely varied and provides opportunities for students to work with faculty in many areas. Take a look at recent Edgren Scholar program recipients.


  • “Understanding Urban Farming as an Enterprise and Implications for the Frogtown and Summit University Communities of Saint Paul, MN” Dr. Leo Gabriel, Professor of Business and David Kim
  • “Regulation of Macrophage Activation: Floating the Raft Hypothesis” Dr. Joy Doan, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Luke Lundeen and Kent Nichols
  • “The Global Citizen Without a Country: What Edmund Burke can Teach Today's Cosmopolitans” Dr. Dan Ritchie, Professor of English and Amy Riggins
  • “A Modern Edition of a Valuable Renaissance Repertoire: Creating a Performance Ready Edition of Moderna F 9.9” Dr. Stephen Self, Professor of Music and Grant McEachern


  • “Decision-Making Across Time.”  Dr. Adam Johnson, Assistant Professor of Psychology and David Collins.
  • “Template-Directed Synthesis for the Regulation of Gene Expression.”  Dr. Trey Maddox, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Kaitlyn Ohden.
  • “Practical Use of the Latest Standards for Electrocardiography (PULSE) Trial” and “Health-Related Quality of Life among Elderly with Aortic Stenosis.”  Dr. Kristin Sandau, Associate Professor of Nursing and Hannah Wichterman.
  • “Needs Assessment of Students of Color at Bethel University.”  Ms. Amy White, Associate Professor of Social Work and Nina Rasmusen.


  • “Understanding the Utility of Different Memory Systems Using Reinforcement Learning.”  Dr. Adam Johnson, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Zachary Varberg. 
  • “The Listening Believer: Balancing Absolutes and Openness in Interfaith Dialogue.” Dr. Marion Larson, Professor of English and Anna Wilson.
  • “Polyoxometalates as Nanoscale Building Blocks in Designing Inorganic/Organic Supramolecular Materials.”  Dr. Wade Neiwert, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Paul Davis.
  • “Building Bridges to Different Perspectives: Understanding and Evaluating the Role of Religion in Public Discourse.”  Dr. Sara Shady, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Anne Taylor.