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Instructional designers support faculty by providing expertise in curriculum design, distance teaching strategies, and assessment.


Schedule a consultation with an instructional designer to discuss things like:

  • Program-level curriculum design
  • Course-level curriculum design
  • Online teaching strategies
  • Alignment and assessment of course and program outcomes
  • Activity and assignment design (online, face-to-face, and hybrid)
  • Translation of course activities from one modality to another
  • Design and facilitation of online discussion and interaction

Comprehensive Design

Available to the College of Adult & Professional Studies, Bethel Seminary, and the Graduate School, the Comprehensive Design service walks whole programs or individual courses through a curriculum development process designed to create effective learning experiences for students. It is a highly structured process that prioritizes consistency over flexibility. In Comprehensive Design, Academic Development staff closely manage the development process for each course and, along with student workers, produce the course site and syllabus based on the course plan developed by the faculty course developer.

Academic Development staff support programs in Comprehensive Design through:

  • Program-level planning
  • Direct process planning
  • Design of course activities and assessments
  • Faciliation of the faculty approval process
  • Creation of final course products (syllabus, course site)
  • Comprehensive media design

Faculty Development Support

  • Instructional design workshops
  • Media design workshops
  • Online teaching workshops
  • Resources in Confluence


Designers are equipped with teaching licenses and graduate degrees in the field of education. They also have years of experience designing courses for online, hybrid and flipped delivery. The design team has experience teaching in a variety of modes, including face-to-face and online courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.