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The University Classroom Oversight Committee (UCOC) oversees classroom development and improvement by working with several other university offices, academic departments, and faculty development specialists in creating the best possible classroom spaces, whether creating new classrooms or renovating existing spaces.

Classroom Signage

As an ongoing project, the committee plans to mount signs that indicate capacity and furniture orientation for each teaching space.

Improved Classrooms

The committee identified several classrooms that could be improved as instructional spaces by the simple expedient of reorienting furniture into a "default" flexible learning configuration and adding whiteboards where necessary. These classrooms include:

  • CC119
  • HC256
  • HC114

Renovated Classrooms

  • Collaborating with Facilities Management, TLT, the Education department, and the Faculty Development team, the committee developed Bethel's first technologically-enhanced active learning classroom (HC113), including large wall-mounted TV monitors, flexible seating at computer ports, and ceiling-to-floor writeable walls.
  • A second classroom (HC112) provides a "default" seating arrangement for active learning and several whiteboards to accommodated group work.
  • In order to address issues of "sound bleed" in several divided classrooms, the committee advised:
    • removing the dividers in RC229 and RC422
    • building permanent walls to divide RC224 and RC426
  • CC426B became a flexible learning classroom with pod seating and enhanced technological capabilities.
  • AC228 was remodeled into a flexible learning classroom, primarily funded by alumni donations. The cinderblock walls were covered with drywall and received writable whiteboard surface treatment and large monitors were placed around the entire room, along with an 84” Smart Board and a new instructor station. New carpeting, high-efficiency LED lighting, and multipurpose furniture were also included.

New Classrooms

  • The committee worked closely with Facilities Management and TLT in creating nine new classrooms at 2 Pine Tree, applying many of the lessons learned from the HC North renovation. In particular, because the floors at 2 Pine Tree are raised, equipping classrooms with the same technology as HC113 will not be difficult.
  • As part of the Wellness Center project that was completed in October 2015, the committee  collaborated with Facilities Management, ITS, and TLT to design and create four large, flexible learning classrooms (HC114, CC120. HC413, and HC414) that have been constructed in accordance with the standards for capacity, technology, and configuration that the committee has developed during the past four years.