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Program Philosophy

We are committed to creating equal access for all.

Our Vision

We strive to be a community that creates and sustains an open and accessible environment that promotes holistic development in all members as we pursue kingdom living together.

Our Mission

We are here to support the ongoing development of an accessible university that embraces and celebrates diversity.

We do this by:

  • Creating an environment of open access to the university and its programs for students, employees, and guests with disabilities
  • Working collaboratively as a community to eliminate barriers to access
  • Designing opportunities for inclusion
  • Coordinating effective reasonable accommodations
  • Advocating for an equitable learning atmosphere
  • Promoting self determination and holistic growth in the pursuit of life in Christ

Model of Service

  • Accommodations provided by law
  • All accommodations are provided by our accommodations team
  • Accommodations are in place to remove barriers that exist due to the manifestations of the disability
  • Accommodations are not meant to guarantee success for the student but to ensure fair and equal access