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Our mission is to work together to raise awareness on a variety of topics surrounding disability, to break commonly held stereotypes, and create a community of inclusion and acceptance for all people.


We strongly feel the oppression people with disabilities face at Bethel is just as important as every other social justice issue. Unfortunately, until now, it has not received the attention it deserves. People with disabilities deserve to have an equal voice at Bethel and the Disability Awareness Group (DAG) could be a starting point to make that happen!


  • Raise awareness and educate the Bethel community
  • Reframe ideas of disability-different, not less
  • Start dialogues about disabilities on campus by hosting a variety of different awareness events
  • Break commonly held stereotypes
  • Break down barriers and limitations, such as attitudes, so people with disabilities feel valued rather than rejected
  • Be advocates for people with disabilities
  • Provide a supportive environment where students can talk openly about things they are currently going through with other students

Want to get involved with DAG?

Becoming a member of DAG is very simple. Email Email our office and we will add you to the email list!