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Adult Undergrad

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The amounts shown are correct as of the time of posting for the College of Adult & Professional Studies at Bethel University for the 2016-2017 academic year. Any changes will take effect at the beginning of a semester.

Bachelor's Programs

B.A. in Christian Ministries $430 per credit
B.A. in Communication Studies $485 per credit
B.A. in Healthcare Leadership $485 per credit
B.A. in Human Services $485 per credit
B.S. in Nursing (RN to B.S.) $500 per credit
B.A. in Organizational Leadership $485 per credit
B.S. in Accounting $485 per credit
B.S. in Business Management $485 per credit
B.S. in Finance $485 per credit
B.S. in Management Information Systems $485 per credit

Individual Courses

CORE300, CORE310, CORE320 $475 per credit
SLDR527 $485 per credit

Associate Programs

A.A. in General Studies $430 per credit
A.S. in Business and Leadership $430 per credit
A. S. in Individualized Major $430 per credit

Certificate Programs

Addiction Studies  $485 per credit
Alcohol and Drug Counseling $485 per credit
Healthcare Leadership $485 per credit
Human Resource Management $485 per credit

Other Costs

Audit fee (non credit earning) $100 per credit
Continuance fee (equals one credit of program tuition per term) varies

Credit by portfolio (1-3 credits requested)

$300 flat fee

Credit by portfolio (4+ credits requested)

$100 per credit requested

Billing & Payment

All billing and payment is done through our Business Office. Learn more about payment options for adult undergrad students.