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Spiritual Formation for All Students

Christian Formation Leaders Training & Retreat

When you commit to serve as a leader of a Christian Formation ministry team, we commit to train you and mentor you as a leader.  You will also be invited to a retreat with other leaders: to come away, to slow down, to connect deeply with Jesus and each other. To apply to serve on a Christian Formation ministry team, click here.

Launch a New Ministry

If you would like to develop a new ministry, talk with a Campus Pastor about getting connected, equipped, and empowered. To connect with a member of our team, click here.

Small Group Leaders Training

We celebrate when God inspires upper-class students to lead their own small groups.  Whether a group of artists, or athletes, or roommates, or students in the same major, we want to see all groups flourish. To that end, we offer a 90-minute workshop to help you facilitate discussion, handle Scripture well, and capitalize on God moments. To learn more, email Pastor Matt Runion @matthew-runion@bethel.edu

Student Life Leadership Development

As often as possible, the office of Christian Formation participates and partners with Student Life’s leadership development experiences. To learn more, click here.