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The cost for mission trips at Bethel is calculated after your team has completed their fundraising efforts. It is our goal to cover as much of the expense as possible through generous donations from family, friends, and other supporters.

Fundraising Process

Here's how the process works:

  1. Bethel sets a fundraising goal for each mission trip team.
  2. Team members raise funds towards the goal.
  3. After the fundraising deadline, any remainder of the cost is divided equally among team members as their expected contribution. This amount is due 1 week before the trip.

To raise funds towards the team goal, each team member will send out a minimum of 30 support letters. We will provide all the needed materials and mail out your letters. We'll also provide a list of your generous donors so you can send them each a thank you card, a postcard en route, and a follow-up note after your trip.

All students will learn more about the fundraising process at the trip kickoff meeting.

Fundraising Dates

All finances are due 1 week before the trip. On that date, any remaining funds will need to be paid by the student.

Group Fundraising Events and Activities

Your team will also do group fundraising events and activities to supplement support letters. Each team member is required to participate in each of these fundraising efforts.

What Trip Costs Cover

Here's what's covered:

  • Housing and meals during travel and time on-site
  • Ground and air travel costs - from Bethel to the destination and back to Bethel
  • Travel insurance through Insurance Services of America
  • Mission agency fees (if applicable)
  • Partial trip costs for team leaders
  • Training and fundraising cost

If students pay for any of the above, they must turn in a receipt as soon as possible in order to be reimbursed.

Expenses Not Covered

Students should take into account possible expenses not covered by trip costs:

  • Passport and visa expenses (if necessary) including photos and application fees
  • Immunizations and vaccinations (if your physician so advises)
  • Spending and offering money, souvenirs, snacks

Trip Cancellation

After you've paid your deposit, we expect you will go on the trip. If you decide not to go, you will be financially responsible for all costs or any cancellation fees associated with the trip.