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Do you have a young adult on an IEP (Individual Education Plan) or a 504 Plan who is wanting to attend Bethel? The Office of Disability Resources and Services will work with you and your child to coordinate accommodations, provide disability specific programming and individual support in an effort to facilitate a smooth transition to Bethel.

Academic Success

Here are some tips and strategies that if used can help you son/daughter achieve academic success.

Confidentiality and Parents

We in DRS appreciate the importance of fostering independence in our students. We begin by placing the responsibility for communication on the student. In that spirit, once the student begins his or her career at Bethel, we do not initiate communication with parents about a student's academic performance or use of DRS services.

DRS Program Model

Individual contact is available at the freshman level to provide instruction and modeling of advocacy skills and accessing of services. By the time students are juniors and seniors, our one-on-one time has lessened, as they have gained the skills needed to be their own best advocate. Achieving independence over time is the goal.

High School vs. Bethel

There are some significant differences between high school and the higher education experience. It is important that students with disabilities and their parents are aware of these differences.