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Learn the differences between high school and college in services and support for a student with a disability.


High School: Classroom attendance monitored and participation contributes to overall grade; class standards changed for students with IEPs.

Bethel: Attendance is not a requirement. All students must meet the same class standards.


High School:Teachers take attendance, check notebooks, put information on the blackboard, and directly impart facts from the textbook; teachers monitor progress and offer clarification and assistance.

Bethel: Instructors rarely teach from the textbook, often lecture non-stop, and expect students to learn fromoutside assignments and library research. Students must monitor progress and ask for assistance when needed.

Parent Role

High School: Parents are often advocates and work directly with teachers to assure necessary academic support

Bethel: Parents become mentors and work with their student to offer guidance and support


High School: Time and assignments are structured by teachers, parents, and other adults.

Bethel: Students must structure their own time between academics and extracurricular activities. Students make decisions regarding schedules, class attendance, studying, etc.