High School vs Bethel

High School


Classroom attendance monitored and participation contributes to overall grade; class standards changed
for students with IEPs.


Attendance is not a requirement. All students must meet the same class standards.

Teachers take attendance, check notebooks, put information on the blackboard, and directly impart facts from the textbook; teachers monitor progress and offer clarification and assistance.


Instructors rarely teach from the textbook, often lecture non-stop, and expect students to learn fromoutside assignments and library research. Students must monitor progress and ask for assistance when needed.

Parents are often advocates and work directly with teachers to assure necessary academic support

Parent Role

Parents become mentors and work with their student to
offer guidance and support
Time and assignments are structured by teachers, parents, and other adults.


Students must structure their own time between academics
and extracurricular activities. Students make decisions regarding schedules, class attendance, studying, etc.