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Prior to Accommodations

Checking on Accommodations

We want to ensure that you are aware of the implications of your disability and what accommodations and support are necessary to ensure that you have equal opportunity to demonstrate your academic ability.


We recognize the sensitive nature of the information we receive about students so we view all material pertaining to a student's disability as private. This policy is based on government mandates regarding the treatment of disability-related information.

Disability Law

Understand the legal mandates that are required to ensure persons with disabilities have equal opportunity and access.

Housing Accommodations

We want to ensure that students with specific housing needs, as a result of a disability, have equitable access.

Meeting with the Disability Specialist

Meeting with the Disability Specialist is to discuss the barriers that exists in your physical, learning or working environment and provide solutions (reasonable accommodations) that may eliminate them.

Roles and Responsibilities

Students, employees, faculty, the DRS office and the institution all have roles and responsibilities with the process.