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Support the Bethel Fund

The cost of providing a life-transforming, Christ-centered education is expensive—more expensive than what student tuition alone can cover. That’s why the Bethel Fund—and you—are crucial.

Help bridge the gap.

When you make a donation to the Bethel Fund, your gift will go toward:

  • Spiritual formation opportunities
  • Innovative academic programs and resources
  • Faculty enrichment opportunities
  • Services crucial to a vital student life experience

Give to the Bethel Fund

Join us in preparing the next generation of Christ-followers.

When you partner with us and support our commitment to being a Christ-centered university, you help prepare students to:

  • Live out biblical truth. Through Chapel, small groups, and discipleship programs, our students are challenged to think critically about their faith in a safe and supportive community. Often mentored and encouraged by their professors, they graduate ready to engage some of the world's most pressing issues from a Christian perspective.
  • Transform culture. Study abroad programs, mission trips, and community service help our students see faith in action. As they begin to understand what it means to have a living faith, they imagine the ways in which they could effect change in their communities, churches, and organizations.
  • Advance the gospel. Beyond academics, there's something that draws Bethel students together. It's a sense of calling, a commitment to shared values, and a deep desire to fulfill a greater purpose. Our graduates are at work across six continents, sharing their faith and inspiring it in others.