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If you already hold a special education license in one disability category, you can complete this program as an add-on license. By adding the Autism Spectrum Disorders License, you'll be able to work with a wider range of students with disabilities. You will also broaden your opportunities within your district, or it could lead to new possibilities. And additional credits gained through an add-on license help educators move up on the salary scale. You can earn an add-on license in six to nine months. If you are working in an environment in the license category you're pursuing, you'll be able to complete most practicum requirements on the job.


Mostly Online

You'll complete over 80% of your coursework online.

Location: Online

Start Dates: Courses start every 6 weeks. Contact your enrollment counselor for details.


Partially Online

Courses will be a mix of online and face to face sessions. You'll complete over half of your coursework at one of our convenient locations.

Location: Online

Start Dates: Courses start every 6 weeks. Contact your enrollment counselor for details.

Total Credits


Finish in as Few as

6-9 months


  • Characteristics of ASD (SPED601)

    Identification of theories, research, legal requirements and medical perspectives related to serving ASD students. Synthesis of information associated with ASD. Examination of early indicators of ASD. Identification of associated factors and their relationship to ASD behavior. Presentation of the impact of factors on ASD students. Evaluation of professional ASD-related resources.

    4 credits

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders: Assessment, Communication and Instructional Strategies (SPED611)

    Generation of comprehensive assessment plan for ASD evaluation. Designing of instruction based on evaluation results, in collaboration with outside service providers. Designing of communication and assistive technology systems for individuals with ASD. Development of instructional programs and opportunities that support individuals with ASD and promote social participation and interpersonal interactions.

    4 credits

  • Planning, Instruction & Consultation for ASD (SPED612)

    Development of individualized programs and interventions for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Collaboration models and techniques for best collaborating with stakeholders. Evaluation of environments, classrooms, and academic lessons for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Creation of instructional strategies and resources for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

    4 credits

  • ASD Field Experience (SPED671)

    Identification of the impact characteristics and collaboration in coordinating resources have on learners with autism. Description of individualized programming based on evaluation results. Explanation of how lessons target social, communication, academic, behavioral, functional skills. Identification of program modifications. Interpretation of how instructional strategies promote the generalization of skills.

    1 credits

  • ASD: Practicum (SPED787)

    Implementation of procedures necessary to incorporate interventions and IEPs for students with autism spectrum disorders using engaging resources. Management of timelines, responsibilities, and consultation with parents, school and community professionals. Analysis of personal and professional growth as a special educator. This course is for add-on SPED license candidates (80 required hours in a special education school setting). FE: Practicum fee: $100, out-of-region fee: $100, out-of-state fee: varies.

    3 credits