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Take some time to exhaust your private scholarship possibilities. Who knows? Maybe your church or community organizations have funds available for students. Every little bit helps!

Here are a few resources we've compiled to get you started.

Scholarships for Nurse-Midwifery Students

Scholarships for Physician Assistant Students

  • AAPA Veterans Caucus
    Scholarships intended for veterans or active members of the Guard or Reserves of the Uniform Services. Some scholarships also available to sons, daughters, or spouses of a past or present veteran.
  • AAPA's constituent chapters often award scholarships to PA students. Constituent chapters include state chapters, Federal service chapters, specialty organizations, special interest groups, and caucuses.
    • State chapters offer scholarships to PA students who reside or attend school in that state. Be sure to check out the state chapter from the state in which you reside and MAPA.
    • An example of a specialty organization that offers scholarships is the society of Emergency Medicine PA's. If you are interested in a speciality practive, look on AAPA's page for specialty organizations.
  • PA Foundation
  • Association of Physician Assistants in Oncology APAO Scholarship. PA students interested in a career in the field of hematology/oncology. Must be an AAPA member. $2,000-$2,500.

Organizations and Foundations That Offer Scholarships for Graduate Students

Scholarships for Students of Color

Scholarship Search Engines

Scholarship Scams

Learn how to avoid scholarship scams: