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If you're a current student looking for a job on campus, check out the listing below and contact the supervisor directly to apply.

2017/2018 Job Openings


Job Title:  Housing Mentor
Contact:  Katie Lane, 651.635.8799, k-lane@bethel.edu
Location:  3900 Bethel Dr
Date Posted:  January 22, 2018

Support BUILD students in developing independence with home living skills including self-care, home management (laundry, cleaning, etc.), weekly meal planning and preparation, social/community participation. Remind students to complete skills on individual Home Living/Self-care checklists. Two housing mentors will be hired as live-in support for each floor/suite/apartment and will alternate days/weekends on duty. Housing mentor will also serve as primary contact for conflict resolution or crisis management. Housing mentor will include RA and RD to help with conflict or crisis management, if needed. Attend weekly mentor meetings and complete weekly reports. Other duties as assigned.

If interested in applying, please complete our online application.

Hours: 1 weeknight Mon-Thurs and 1 weekend a month, which averages 18 hours per week
Start Date:  August 20, 2018 (This job is for the 2018/2019 academic year)
End Date:  May 25, 2019
Pay Rate:  Stipend

Facilities Management

Job Title:  BC Student Worker
Contact:  Heidi Monson, 651.638.6236, hmm94485@bethel.edu
Location:  BC Building
Date Posted:  January 22, 2018

Student Custodians are responsible for the routine cleaning and upkeep of University facilities. This includes the cleaning of classrooms, bathrooms, floors, and other high-traffic areas. All shifts are in the evening--the first starting at 4pm and the last ending at midnight. Student Custodians are expected to be attentive to detail, demonstrate a dependable work ethic, and function effectively as part of a team. Developing a history of such values creates opportunity for promotion to Student Manager as well. Please contact via email to apply.

Hours: 6/week
Start Date:  January 31, 2018
End Date:  May, 25, 2018
Pay Rate:  $9.65/hour

Office of Financial Aid

Job Title:  Clerical Assistant
Contact:  Mellanie Hinrichs, 651.638.6796, m-hinrichs@bethel.edu
Location:  Office of Finanacial Aid - RC326
Date Posted:  January 22, 2018

Job Responsibilities:

Anwering phones, greeting guests, scheduling appointment, assisting staff with projects.

Hours: 6-8/week
Start Date:  February 1, 2018
End Date:  May, 25, 2018
Pay Rate:  $9.65/hour

Office of Marketing and Communications

Job Title:  Student Writer
Contact:  Christine Erntson, 651.638.6233, c-erntson@bethel.edu
Location:  ANC Suite 5W
Date Posted:  December 20, 2017

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with the creative team of writers, designers, and photographers who support Bethel’s brand platform, marketing strategies, and communications
  • Interview, research, and write stories that highlight institutional value and outcomes, as well as successful students, alumni, faculty, staff, and donors
  • Proofread and edit stories, testimonials, data points, promotional messages, and other material as assigned
  • Assist with compiling content for internal and external e-newsletters
  • Attend creative meetings and contribute ideas and feedback from a student perspective
  • Manage daily office tasks and complete special projects

Desirable Qualities:

  • This is a professional position that can lead to publication of your writing, writing samples for your portfolio, career recommendations, and mentoring by communication professionals. 

Required Skills:

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Thorough knowledge of grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Ability to work on deadline
  • Commitment to representing Bethel with excellence to both internal and external audiences
  • Ability to work independently 
  • Willingness to sign a confidentiality agreement

If interested, please contact Christine Erntson.

Hours: 10-15/week
Start Date:  February 2018
End Date:  May 2018
Pay Rate:  $9.65/hour
Transportation Needed: Shuttle runs every 15 minutes from CLC lobby to Anderson Center

Office of Marketing

Job Title:  Student Video Production Assistant
Contact:  Paul Hjellming, 651.635.2333, paul-hjellming@bethel.edu
Location:  Anderson Center and around various locations on campus
Date Posted:  December 1, 2017

Major Function:

  • Assist the office of marketing with shooting, editing and producing video projects that capture the atmosphere and energy of Bethel University and promote university departments, offices and programs.

Essential Duties: 

  • Plan and coordinate shoots in cooperation with the staff videographer- Communicate with clients on behalf of the staff videographer as necessary
  • Shoot footage for ongoing projects
  • Assist with setup and teardown of interview shoots
  • Organize footage both for specific ongoing projects and for long term preservation
  • Edit projects as needed
  • Help maintain and optimize the Bethel YouTube and Vimeo accounts to showcase video content
  • Previous and demonstrated experience shooting and editing video is essential

Please see the full job description here:  https://goo.gl/y429s6

To apply, please fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/qZ5npn92be5S6oJi2

Hours: 0-10/week
Start Date:  as soon as possible
End Date:  ongoing
Pay Rate:  $9.50/hour

Office of Marketing

Job Title:  Student Photographer
Contact:  Paul Hjellming, 651.635.2333, paul-hjellming@bethel.edu
Location:  On and off campus
Date Posted:  November 15, 2017

We are looking for additional student photographers to help with occasional photography for social media posts and Bethel news stories. Hours per week vary depending on what assignments we have available. Applicants must display skill using a DSLR and must own their own equipment. 

A full job description is available here:

Please contact Paul Hjellming with questions, or fill out an application here: https://goo.gl/forms/G04ChCck7t4yMJlD2

Hours: 0-6/week
Start Date:  Begin as soon as possible
End Date:  5/25/2018
Pay Rate:  $9.50/hour
Transportation:  Assignments can sometimes be off campus, however transportation is not a requirement for applicants, you just won't be eligible for assignments that involve travel if you do not have your own means of transportation.

Building Services

Job Title:  RCHC Student Custodian (multiple openings)
Contact:  Joseph Little, 651.638.6517, j-little@bethel.edu
Location:  RCHC buildings
Date Posted:  October 18, 2017

Work together in teams cleaning classrooms, offices, bathrooms, locker rooms. Three different shift times available to better fit your class schedule.

If interested in position, please contact Joseph Little.

Hours: 6/week
Start Date:  as soon as possible
End Date:  5/27/2018
Pay Rate:  $9.50/hour

Security & Safety

Job Title:  Security Officer
Contact:  Zachary Hill, 651.638.6400, z-hill@bethel.edu
Location:  HC103 (All Bethel University St. Paul locations will be patrolled.)
Date Posted:  December 20, 2017

Campus Security and Safety is looking to hire student officers. Responsibilities include: patrolling campus, monitoring access into campus at night, answering phones, monitoring surveillance and alarm systems. Potential officers must be willing to work some overnight shifts. The position pays $10.20 per hour and officers work between 12-20 hours per week. If you are interested in being a part of the Security and Safety team, please stop by HC103 to apply.

Hours: 16/week
Start Date: As soon as possible
End Date: 5/26/2018
Pay Rate: $10.20/hour

Dining Services

Job Title:  Student Employee
Contact:  David Walden, 651.635.8578, d-walden@bethel.edu
Location:  Dining Services
Date Posted:  September 1, 2017

Team members in Dining Services are able to choose to work in all areas including Catering, Monson Dining Center, 3900 Grill and Royal Grounds. In most areas students create their own schedule by selecting from available shifts and then this becomes their schedule for the semester. Students can work between 2-20 hours each week. 

Possible jobs in Dining Services include catering server, cashier, dish room, server, pizza maker, barista, and more. Students commonly work in more than one job area although this is not required. 

Benefits include:
• Free meal before or after your shift when Monson is open.
• Higher pay
• Opportunity to apply for a merit based meal plan scholarship each semester
• Opportunity for promotion to the student manager team. 

Contact David Walden in person or via email to apply or for more information. Applications are available in the Dining Services office.

Hours: 2-20/week
Start Date:  September 1, 2017
End Date:  May 27, 2018
Pay Rate: Hourly rates begin at $11.00/hour

Facilities Management

Job Title:  Housing Student Custodian
Contact:  Mardy Rodriguez, 651.638.6138, m-rodriguez@bethel.edu
Location:  Edgren
Date Posted:  September 1, 2017

Job will include custodial work in Edgren. Vacuuming hallways, cleaning windows sweeping and mopping floors in entryways, dusting lounges, replacing trash can liners, and cleaning bathrooms. This position is for the weekend, 4 hours Saturday, 4 hours Sunday. This position is on women's floors, only women applicants will be reviewed. Please contact me via email for an application.

Hours: 8/week
Start Date:  September 1, 2017
End Date:  May 27, 2018
Pay Rate: $9.50/hour

Facilities Management

Job Title:  AC/CC Student Custodian
Contact:  Melinda Koehn, 763.218.9111, melinda-koehn@bethel.edu
Location:  Office CC310C
Date Posted:  September 1, 2017

I am ooking for students who are interested in working in small groups to help keep the Academic Center (AC) and Clausen Center(CC) Buildings clean throughout the school year. We have a lot of fun together. We work as a team and no transportation is needed. The shifts vary, and we provide on the job training. No prior experience is necessary. If you are interested please contact Melinda Koehn.

Hours: 6/week
Start Date:  As soon as possible
End Date:  May 27, 2018
Pay Rate: $9.50/hour

BUILD Program

Job Title:  BUILD Job Mentor
Contact:  Nicole Centanni, 651.635.8799, n-centanni@bethel.edu
Location:  Varies
Date Posted:  August 22, 2017

Job coaching & support for students in the BUILD program on the job as part of internships. Work alongside of students in the BUILD program to assist in staying focused and motivated on the job. Listen, recognize positive strides and remind students of the progress they are making. Help correct behaviors and processes that are not working well, and help establish new approaches to job issues when the original plan is not working effectively. As students work to develop independence, hours may be decreased. Other duties as assigned.

If interested, contact Nicole Centanni.

Hours: 8/week
Start Date:  August 28, 2017
End Date:  May 25, 2018
Pay Rate: $9.50/hour

Security & Safety

Job Title:  Shuttle Van Driver
Department:  Security & Saftey
Contact:  Jordan Nimlos, 651.638.6973, jordan-nimlos@bethel.edu
Location: Office of Security & Safety

Bethel's Shuttle Service is hiring for the 2016-2017 school year! Key responsibilities include: safe operation of a large passenger vehicle (occasionally during inclement weather); providing on-time transportation of Bethel community members on and off campus; maintaining documentation logs; keeping vehicles fueled and clean. Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision. Must have had a U.S. driver's license for a minimum of 3 full years. Requires a good driving record.

Applicants with previous experience driving 12-passenger vans or larger, or those already possessing a DOT Medical Examiner's Certificate will be given priority. 

Apply online:  http://goo.gl/forms/PSKQIxN47J

Hours: 3-10 hours/week
Start Date:  August 27, 2017
End Date: May 26, 2018
Pay Rate: $9.70/hour
Date Posted: May 31, 2017

Off-Campus Jobs

Contact Career Development and Calling


Visit their job listings online.