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Digital Library

The Bethel University Digital Library is a program of Bethel Libraries for discovery, development, and preservation of the Bethel community’s scholarship, history, and culture.

Digital Collections

The digital library has over twenty collections centered around five major themes:

  1. Archival Materials from the History Center
  2. Art and Creative Works
  3. Faculty and Student Scholarship
  4. Natural History
  5. Study Abroad Experience

View the featured Digital Collections in each of the five themes.

View the complete list of All Digital Library Collections.


The Digital Library also creates or features online exhibits that use the materials in a variety of our digital collections focused on a particular theme or topic like Homecoming or Bethel's involvement in the wars of the past.

See the Online Exhibits for more examples.   

Theses and Dissertations

Bethel Libraries are beginning to collect electronic copies of theses and dissertations from some of Bethel's graduate programs starting in Spring 2015. The graduate programs involved in this first phase are the Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) and the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min). 

Archives and Special Collections  

Many of the artifacts of Bethel culture and heritage are physically located in the Archives and Special Collections at the History Center and Seminary Libraries or in Art Department Galleries.                   



Part of developing digital collections includes converting physical objects into digital files.

The Digital Library converts collections of items for research and teaching purposes for long-term use. If you would like to consult with us about developing a new collection contact us at digital-library@bethel.edu.

To convert a single or small group of items consult Bethel’s offices of Print Services (copies of texts) or Teaching and Learning Technology (video and audio conversion).

Metadata Consultation

The information or data “about” your digital files is called metadata. Metadata is attached to digital files for description and organization in order to better find and use them later. A well-considered metadata plan will help you better find and manage your data and information.


Items in the Digital Library are stored permanently and are backed up to protect them from degradation and loss.

New Collection Suggestions?

If you have an idea or suggestion for a new collection that you would like to develop or share or would like to consult with us about one of your own collections, please contact us at digital-library@bethel.edu.